Russian Front IV Scenario Game

Russian Front IV Scenario Game

Strategy Plus Presents: Russian Front IV
Saturday February 12th, 2011
Welcome to the meat grinder of the Russian Front. Join the Soviet winter counter-offensive, one of the bloodiest Soviet offensives of World War II. Elements of the German Army are within striking distance of Moscow. The Russians mount an operation to push the Germans back from Moscow and ultimately help trap their forces in Stalingrad.

GERMAN or RUSSIAN you decide...

Registration and paint sales start at 7:30 AM
Game briefing and rules at 9:00 AM
Game starts at 10:00 AM
Final Battle ends at 5:00 PM

Entry is $45 pre-registered by 1/28/11, $55 after deadline or day of game. Entry includes air, and raffle. CO2 is sold seperately. BYOP

We are aware as anyone of the current economic situation, so we are offering Bring Your Own Paint or buy ours. Winter paint will be available on site starting at $45 per case.

There will be food and refreshments, limited on site camping, best costume and best prop competitions as well! Way early to be doing this post.....but I have been asked by several players.

Russian Front V Game Brief

Game is planned to start at 10:00 AM sharp and to end no later than 5:00 PM. All player must travel to the respawn site to enter/re-enter the game. Respawn will be continuous, but may be interrupted by missions. You may leave the field at any time to rest and reload.

The game field will be lower Alpha, Bravo, Village and a section of Charlie field. Charlie field can only be entered through one of two paths. The paths are located next to the Village and along the ridge on Bravo field.

RFV Basic Game Objectives (How you get points)

Collect Props On the field and turn in for points at scenario control.
Follow the objective schedule provided at the game. Control the objective by the numbered sign at the time specified to earn points or props.
Carry out tactical missions issued by scenario control throughout the day to earn points. Participate in role playing with various characters throughout the game.


To enable a tank on field, your team must recover a fuel drum from the field. Once the drum is turned in, your tank may enter the field. Tanks must be reffed 100% of the time and a 20 ft buffer maintained. Anyone entering within 20 ft of a tank while it is moving will be eliminated.


Two Anti-Tank Mission cards will be provided to each team. Only players with a mission card can eliminate a Tank. Rockets may not be fired at buildings or bunkers without a rocket mission from Scenario Control. A ref must witness a rocket hit for it to count. It is the player’s responsibility to contact a ref before making the shot. Rockets have a 10 foot blast radius.

The weather may/will be cold please dress accordingly!
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