PSP Breaks Ties with the NPPL

PSP Breaks Ties with the NPPL

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Paintball Sports Promotion (PSP) dropped the NPPL. “The general consensus of the promoters group was”, explained Lane Wright PSP’s Team Liaison, “we don’t need them any more, all they’re doing is causing headaches.”

"[PSP] hasn't complied with anything in the agreement, they still haven't even gotten a venue for Las Vegas yet," said NPPL President Chuck Hendsch in defense of the split up, "They don't represent the players' interest."

In the past, the PSP had an agreement to pay the NPPL $30,000 for a licensing agreement. According to PSP officials the NPPL was demanding that they needed more money plus the ability to use other promoters. "They gave me a contract," Hendsch explained, "that would have given the PSP all the power. I wouldn't sign it... All we asked for was the same deal we got last year."

"They've pulled the rug out from under us..." Hendsch continued, "But in actuality I think they really pulled the rug out from themselves."

How will it work without the NPPL? Wright explained, "The name will change, but the rest will stay the same." More than likely the average player wont notice a difference.

What do the players think? “We’re a JT team,” commented Avalache’s Chris LaSoya, “We’ll do whatever JT wants us to do.”

"No more NPPL?" asked Ron Nelson from Bob Long’s Ironmen, "They’ll have more events, I am sure of it."

What will the NPPL do next? "Over the next week, we will determine our next course of action... I have a feeling [paintball teams] will all come back." The NPPL feels that the split up is a temporary setback, but in the end it will be what is best for the sport.

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