The 2002 Nations Cup

The 2002 Nations Cup

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Bob Long announces his TEAM USA roster for Nation’s Cup Invitational

This year’s Diablo International Amateur Open will include a new exhibition event that may forever be called the most exciting Paintball ever witnessed.  On Friday August 9th thru Sunday August 11th, 2002, Richmond Italia’s new “X-Ball” format will be unveiled with the playing of another first-ever event; The prestigious, Nation’s Cup Invitational, which will bring hand-picked Teams from the world’s Paintball-playing countries, to play for the highest National honor in the sport: Bring Home the Nation’s Cup!

The following rosters represent the first official Team Roster lists that have been submitted to the Nation’s Cup officiating committee, from TEAM CANADA and TEAM USA:

TEAM USA’s 2002 Nation’s Cup Roster:
Coach:  Bob Long, Bob Long's Ironmen
Co-Captains: Renick Miller, Aftershock - Jerry Braun, Ground Zero

Rich Telford, SC Ironmen
Jon Richardson, Avalanche
Chris LaSoya, Avalanche
Alex Fraige, Dynasty
Oliver Lang, Dynasty
Nicky Cuba, Ground Zero
Dennis "Mooner" Mood, Ground Zero
Todd "Poopy" Adamson, Aftershock
Ron Nelson, Bob Long's Ironmen
Zack Long, Bob Long's Ironmen

TEAM CANADA’s 2002 Nation’s Cup Roster:
Captain:  Andy "AK-47" Kopcok

Steve Hammond
Roddy McDonald
Louie D’Alessio
Aaron Olsen
Mike Carey
Zac Meunier
Craig Cornoni
Marc White
Duane Sommerhouse

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