Sly Profit Goggles

Sly Profit Goggles

The Profit Goggle System shows the way forward for any serious tournament player, putting style first, while emphasizing safety and function.
Features include:
• Dual-compound shaped Polycarbonate lens: 160 degrees of vertical vision, 270 degree of horizontal vision, silicone based thermo cured anti-scratch coating & thermo-flow coated with a Polyurethane based permanent anti-fog (Patents Pending)
• Lightning fast quick release system (Patents Pending)
• Frame is built from medium density polymer nylon and is co-molded with ultra supple Thermo Plastic Rubber

• Ergonomically correct multi-layered and thermoformed padding

• Integrated professionally engineered Double strap system

• Various color combinations available

The Profit Goggles can be purchased directly from the Sly Equipment website.

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