Planet Eclipse Etek 3 LT Marker

Planet Eclipse Etek 3 LT Marker

The Etek has always stood for reliability, performance and value for money. It has always carried the same core values as every other Eclipse marker of exceptional quality, robust and reliable design, simple maintenance and ease of use. The Etek3 is no different. By combining many features and parts found and used within the Ego range, but in a pared-down design, it allows the Etek3 to perform at similar levels, but at a price-point that makes it obtainable by the more cost-conscious player. A true Marker for the Masses.
The Etek3 will be available in 2 different models: Etek3 LT and Etek3 AM
This is the base model and will feature, for the very first time on an Eclipse marker, Composite parts. The composite parts in question are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Nylon. A very durable material that is both tough and rigid. The GRN parts found on the Etek3 LT will be the Frame, the Eye Covers and the Lever-Locking Clamping Feedtube assembly. All other parts of the Etek3 LT are manufactured from exactly the same materials and finishes you will find on the Ego10 and SL range. High grade aluminum and stainless steel, deep cosmetic and industrial hard anodizing. No corners are cut in the manufacture of the Etek3.
New for 2010 Planet Eclipse Etek 3 paintball gun is one of the most anticipated guns for this year. This is one of the best mid priced paintball guns on the market with the same performance of the high end markers. The new Etek 3 gun is very light weight and has many similar features to the all new Ego Ten. With the new Etek 3 you wont have to sacrifice performance for price. Now you can own the best at a reasonable price.

    * Weight: 965g/2.12lb Including 14” Etek3 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, OOPS
    * Length: 537mm Including 14” Etek3 Barrel
    * Height: 222mm
    * Width: 28.5mm


    * The following features can be found on BOTH Etek3 models:

    * One-Piece Body: No more separate FRM. Like the Ego7 onwards, the FRM of the Etek3 is integrated into the body for reliability and  
    * Deftek Feed: Offset Feed. The feed is offset to one side by a small amount. This prevents the balls that tumble into the breech from bouncing excessively and causing breaks and chops.
    * New Smaller Rammer Housing: Still using the proven Rammer Housing design from the Etek2, but in a much smaller package. This makes the whole rear bottom tube smaller and allows the gun to be more compact.
    * Zick Kit: The Zick kit that became famous in the SL74 and carried through all 08 and 09 Ego production, can be found as standard in the Etek3. Helps reduce kick and softens the initial impact on the ball during loading
    * Cure Bolt: Again carried over from the Ego range, the Etek3 now has a Cure bolt as standard, as well as a body-contoured cut at the rear so the bolt blends seamlessly into the marker body. The Cure bolt helps the Etek3 to shoot the most fragile of tournament grade paints without worry of breaks due to the bolt clipping paintballs in the feed stack.
    * New Direct Mounted Solenoid: An all new moulded solenoid Minifold mounts the ever-faithful SMC solenoid directly to the marker body, directly adjacent to the rammer. There is now just a single hose taking the LP air from the LPR to the new Minifold. The new Minifold is filtered for added protection of the solenoid from debris.
    * S3 Inline Regulator: Taken directly from the Ego10, the S3 regulator features a self-purging device to ensure that the valve chamber is left empty once the tank has been removed. Coil spring construction also means quick and simple maintenance with no washer or shim stack to loose or incorrectly assemble. It also has exceptional accuracy and recharge rates. The things that are essential for shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy at even high, sustained rates of fire.
    * Adjustable LPR: With the same LPR found on the SL8r Ego, the Etek3 offers precise control of LPR pressure, without the risk of accidental over-pressurization of the solenoid or rammer.
    * Fully Adjustable Trigger: The Trigger rides in a self-lubricating trigger holder that clips neatly into the frame. This, combined with the magnetic trigger return mechanism, creates a smooth, positive trigger feel. It is adjustable for fore and aft stop as well as magnetic return strength.
    * 2-Piece Barrel: 14” 2-piece honed barrel with the distinct Eclipse Reverse Threading using the same interface as the Shaft2, Shaft3 and SL barrels, making the Etek3 barrel upgradeable with the Shaft3 Upgrade pack. 0.693 rear bore is standard.
    * Break Beam Sensor System: Using the same components and software as the Ego BBSS system, the Etek3 ensures that the marker is excellent at preventing chopped balls in the breech. When enabled, the Etek3 will only fire once a ball has loaded into the breech. If the BBSS system sees any kind of fault, the software automatically overrides the system and the marker continues to fire at a greatly reduced rate.
    * LED Board: 3 tru-color LED indicators. These 3 clever LEDs allow easy programming of all the user definable parameters by greatly simplifying the programming process. The top LED indicates 10s of units, the middle displays 1s and the bottom shows 0.1 increments.
    * Programmable Firing Modes: Etek3 has user definable settings for Dwell, Ball-in-Place, Eyes Off ROF, Cap ROF (uncapped in Semi 1), Debounce, and Firing Mode. As standard the Etek3 has the capability to be set to cover every tourney regulation.
    * Soft Grips: The new Etek3 grips follow the same design as the Geo and Ego grips. Comfortable, slim, grippy and soft.
    * OOPS: The Etek3 uses the same On/Off/Purge System (OOPS) as the Ego10. It is easy to maintain, easy to turn, and dumps the air from the marker when it is turned off. It mounts to the bottom of the Etek3 frames using the robust T-Rail slide system.

The Etek 3 LT is available directly from the Planet Eclipse website.

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