Tippmann Launches Upgraded A-5 Marker

Tippmann Launches Upgraded A-5 Marker

Since its launch back in 2002, more than a half-million players have turned to the Tippmann A-5 – one of the most popular scenario markers in the industry featuring the patented Cyclone Feed System and the ability to field strip in less than 60 seconds. Over this time, the
A-5 has also developed into one of the most customizable paintball markers available with hundreds of upgrades and modifications to choose from. Today, Tippmann is excited to announce that this popular marker is even better. The newly redesigned A-5 incorporates ten new enhancements while maintaining the overall aesthetic appearance that paintball players have enjoyed for years.  

Before incorporating any changes into the A-5, Tippmann sought input from thousands of players as well as its R&D team, lead by Denny Tippmann, Jr. The result is an improved marker, which is even more reliable, accurate and easier to upgrade. Some of the key changes players asked for include: an improved Cyclone Feed System that reduces ball breakage in a variety of weather conditions, better accuracy, a more ergonomic feel, reduced marker noise, and greater air efficiency. Players also asked for some of the features found on Tippmann’s X7 marker, including its low profile hopper and external selector switch. However, they also stressed the importance of maintaining the many great features that make the A-5 platform so popular, including its Cyclone Feed System, which feeds up to 15 balls-per-seconds without batteries, its push-pin design for quick field stripping, and the ability to use exiting mods.    

The result is a newly-enhanced A-5 that incorporates the following ten upgrades:

1.    New Cyclone Feed System – improved paddle design and connection point is easier on paint and reduces the ‘popcorn’ effect, making the Cyclone more reliable in a variety of weather conditions  
2.    New External Selector Switch – new trigger design allows players to switch easily from safety to firing mode. Plus, the new ergonomic design works great for left or right handed players
3.    New Larger Front Grip – new longer front grip has a better feel and incorporates a front tang so, when removed, upgrades are easier to add to the lower portion of the receiver
4.    New Stock Barrel – features a 8.5” high-performance design that is stone-honed to enhance accuracy and incorporates new porting to reduce marker noise
5.    New Redesigned Internal Bore – to help remove internal components, the receiver features a wider internal bore design for faster field stripping and easier maintenance
6.    New Lighter Receiver Design – helps reduce the overall weight of the marker
7.    New Tombstone Connections – marker maintenance is now faster and easier than ever  
8.    New Sling Mounts – removable front mount makes it easy to add a sling
9.    New Low-Profile Hopper – offset design utilized on the X7 offers a clear sightline
10.    New Black Gasline – provides greater on-field stealth and features heavy-duty construction

ADD ONE:  Tippmann Launches Upgraded A-5 Marker

Although the A-5 marker has been significantly enhanced, it will continue to retail at the same price. In conjunction with the upgraded A-5, Tippmann is also introducing a new A-5 Flatline Barrel with built-in foregrip. This patented technology creates backspin for longer, more accurate shots. The new Flatline extends the range of the A-5 up to 250 feet and comes standard with a widemouth barrel sleeve. It will be sold as a separate accessory.        

“When we launched the A-5 eight years ago, players really embraced the technology because it shot fast, was extremely reliable, and was easy-to-maintain and upgrade. With the popular Response Trigger that is air assisted like the Cyclone Feed System, the A-5 quickly became the marker of choice for the scenario player,” said Denny Tippmann, Jr., senior vice president of research and product development for Tippmann Sports. “We believe the newly upgraded A-5 will also be well received because we listened closely to players before making any improvements. We were careful to provide players the ability to continue using many of their existing mods and upgrades, including the Response Trigger and eGrip.”

To help dealers take advantage of the important holiday selling season, the new A-5 will start shipping during the week of November 22, according to Ron Goldblatt, director of marketing for Tippmann.

“Initially, we were looking to launch the enhanced A-5 in 2011, but we moved up our timeline so the new marker could be available to players during the upcoming holiday season. Hopefully, this will be a positive for both paintball players and retailers alike,” Goldblatt said.  “We’re certainly excited and anticipate strong response from anyone looking for a dependable and high-performing marker at a tremendous value.”

As an added bonus, the upgraded A-5 model is included in the Tippmann A-5 Rebate program that was recently launched. Anyone who purchases a new A-5 before January 15, 2011 can register for a free collapsible stock.

For additional details, please visit www.tippmann.com or call the company at 1-800-533-4831. Of course, players interested in learning more about the A-5 platform are also encouraged to engage in Tippmann’s social media channels, which can be found on the company’s Web site at www.tippmann.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tippmann, or on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/TippmannSports.  

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