Launches New Website Launches New Website, one of the leading websites for all things related to pump paintball, has unveiled an all-new look for the popular page, which is visited by many of the top pump players in the country.  Kyle Poynter from Art of Pump released the following statement:
"I have a lot in mind for AOP that I have already began working on for 2011. Expect updates including reports from pump tournaments, big games, scenarios, scenes, and more from all over the nation (other countries?). Two new interviews are in the works as well. We have new product in progress such as the ELITE pull over sweatshirt coming soon.

Pump is growing! I see more and more players rockin' pumps. Everyone has their own reasons. Whether it's getting back to your roots, wanting a more challenging and skillful game, cutting back on paint, or just trying something new. I'm just psyched on seeing more pump players!

It has been a while since our last update, but not due to lack of action that has been going on. Since our last post we have attended UWL Chicago, Vampire Wars, OSC St. Louis, and several big game events."
CLICK HERE to check out the new site.

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