Cal Jam 2011 - Saturday Prelims

Cal Jam 2011 - Saturday Prelims returned to the world famous SC Village Paintball Park today for the second day of Cal Jam, the largest West Coast regional tournament of the year.  Teams from Division 2 & 3 returned to wrap up their remaining prelim matches, while squads from Division 4 hit the turf to begin their prelims.
Here's a list of the Division 4 teams that took the field for the first time today:
- Blue Knights
- Boise Faction
- Crash Test Dummies
- eLusive DTP
- FAP Factory
- Fatal Effect
- GS Blind Pirates
- Guilty Conscience
- Hella Chapstick
- Fatal Effect
- IE Unseen
- Inland Empire Resistance
- LA Suicide Kids Blue
- LA Nemesis
- Overkill Greent
- Royalty
- San Diego MOB II
- San Diego Urban Saints
- SCP Factory Kids
- Sinister Faction
- SLC Tombstone
- Steady Mobbin
- TC United
- Vanquish Mob
*Note: Team support threads are only linked if your team was profiled and photographed by a crew member.  Find them tomorrow if your team name is not linked*
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Games continued to run smoothly today as they had yesterday, thanks in no small part to the literal all-star roster of pro players that event organizer Mike Hinman brought in to referee.  Everyone from Brandon Short and Scott Kemp from the LA Ironmen to Steven Pitts of San Diego Dynasty were on the field, sweating and grinding it out with the rest of the WCPPL referee crew, and doing a great job at that.  It isn't often that you see world-class players pitch in to help with regional events like this, and it definitely elevated the quality of the overall event.
Here is a list of the teams from each division moving on to Sunday:
Division 2:
- Fuzion
- San Diego Mob
- LA Hitmen
Division 3:
- Nortorious
- LA Onslaught
- Square 1 Soliders
- GS Pirates
*Four Division 3 slots still to be decided tomorrow for Quarter-Finals*
Division 4:
- eLusive DTP
- IE Unseen
- Steady Mobbin
*Four Division 4 slots still to be decided tomorrow for Quarter-Finals* will be on-site tomorrow for the finals, so check back throughout the day for updates.


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