Together We Are One

Together We Are One

Together we are 1 ---

I have been in this sport for so long it seems like a lifetime. Most people that have been doing a job this long have a pension, benefits and a pin on their coat that says …”Hey, I’ve been doing this since you were swimming in your dads indoor pool.” Unfortunately, with paintball, that is not the case. I can’t complain about the places I have been, the people I have met and the friends I will forever call friends. With paintball I have been to every corner of the world and had experiences that will never be repeated as long as I live and for this I am thankful. I look around today at the up and coming talent and I see the same hunger in them that I had when I first started.

The hunger to win and the agony of defeat. One thing that truly disappoints me is the constant bickering, name-calling and fear of change. I remember when 1 company made goggles, 1 made barrels and the other markers and everyone got along. Hell I was sponsored by JT, DYE and Angel all in the same year and had the time of my life. This sport has survived so long due to the constant change and evolution of the sport itself. Marty Bush and I were 2 of the last people in the world to stop using a pump and now look at the sport. Everyone running around with machine guns and cutting people in 1/2 and I love it. It adds excitement and flare to the game.
The introduction of air ball skyrocketed us into the public eye and then the invention of X ball by Richmond Italia took paintball to the next level. You have got to be willing to change and evolve with a sport or I will become stale and people will get bored of it. The style that the younger players have these days has evolved into yet another type player. Companies like PB Fashion home of the HK Army (KTK represent) have taken current fashion and implemented it into the scene we call home. Look at GI SPORTZ .50 cal for example… no one is here to change the world or ask people to just go out and make a huge tournament change. It was introduced to a sport that was struggling to inject new players into the game. The ones that are younger and going to be the future of the sport.

The fact that it is less expensive and less painful than .68 it will help us grow as a sport and recreation in the years to come. This in turn will make sure that the current players have a platform to play on later in their life. So don’t look at things as a threat but as a tool to ensure that we all have home years from now to do what we do. At the end of the day we are all here for the same thing and that is to do what we love to do.

So next time you want to bash someone you don’t even know, hate on some product just because they wont give you free shit or complain because you got shot to many times (which is the same thing you would do to someone but didn’t get the chance sucka) sak up and take it in stride and know that tomorrow is another day.

Pony boy ….

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