GI Sportz Finishes Big for 2010

GI Sportz Finishes Big for 2010

In case all of you have been hiding under a rock for the past couple weeks us here @ GI Sportz have begun a new era in the paintball market. Hailing from the original IMPERIAL we have now launched our new .68 cal paint at this years world cup. IMPERIAL 2.0 with the death yellow fill has now takin the spotlight and we intend on moving forward to your field and store in the 2011 year. Just take a look at the results from the WC and see what quality does for teams.

GI SPORTZ would like to congratulate and thank all the GI winning teams that placed in the PSP World Cup Finals and the CXBL's Series!!

- THANK YOU to BOSTON RED LEGION - 1st place in the NXL Pro Division.
- THANK YOU to CHICAGO AFTERSHOCK - 2nd place in the NXL Pro Division
- THANK YOU to DISTORTION - 2nd place in Division 2
- THANK YOU to PALM BEACH VIPER KIDS - 1st place in Division 3
- THANK YOU to LONDON RELENTLESS - 2nd place in Divison 3
- THANK YOU to BLIND AGGRESSION - 1st place in Division 4
- THANK YOU to HULK - 2nd place in Divison 4
- THANK YOU to PALM BEACH VENOM KIDS - 4th place in Division 4
- THANK YOU to KAMIKAZE who won BOTH, the CXBL's Tournament and Series winner

A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the teams that supported and shot GI SPORTZ paint this weekend! "The Best Paint I've ever shot" was a statement repeated by hundreds of the players all weekend. Your results were outstanding and your support was far beyond what we had hope for! We couldn't have done it without you!

Richmond and the GI Sportz Team

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