Blowing Up the Vegas Strip

Blowing Up the Vegas Strip

HK army and the 2010 NPPL VEGAS ! H       


So this past weekend was the Nppl 2010 Finale in Las Vegas, I decided recently to go back to my roots departed from Professional Paintball team Newport Entourage to play with the boys, Hollywood HK. I went back to the team with a goal to round up all the boys and get the squad stronger than ever for Vegas. We got Paul Katic from Arsenal, Mark Kressin from HK, Raney Stanzack from SD aftermath, Scott Kressin from Hollywood HK, Kenny Rosenberg from SD aftermath , Jbird from Manchester Method, Josh Myers from HK, Galore Kemp from Naughty Leprechauns and HK, and Markus “The Dream” Neilson from DC Arsenal. 


We all drove up together in my dads car ( Giovanni Degidio) all the way up to Vegas, me , josh , marky aka too tall, Marcus neilson, and Paul katic. It was a disaster from the beginning showing up with juice locos in their hand and field maps all marked up with lines and names the team was ready to hit ground bottom before going up. We got to Vegas and instantly started rocking at the Hard Rock Hotel, it turns out the real world 2011 was filming and asked myself, Markus, Marky, and the boys to be a part of the show.


We rocked all day and night with them and then went back to the hotel for a team dinner and meeting. We ended up going 3- 5 and making it to Sunday , beating teams like Dynasty, and Rockstar Factory. We stayed up all night Saturday and then went to bed  at 3 am and waking up at 4 am for game time at 7. We ended up doing great and then blew it getting a 1 for 1 in the last couple minutes of the semi finals getting us in the 3rd plays 4th bracket. We rocked Vegas hard with all the boys, limos, bottle service, models, casinos, HHHHHH screaming non stop and all the boys. It was a great event all in all. Getting ready for world cup 2010 now , been in the gym training with the dream aka Markus Neilson and running everyday. Hopefully I can come in hot to the event and come home with a win. Reporting live this is Bear D'Egidio.

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