OLED Boards from Seventh Element

OLED Boards from Seventh Element

Seventh Element Pathfinder series brings us into the OLED board market in a big way.   Pathfinder boards are the first to truly innovate paintball electronics since the OLED. With the capabilities of Bluetooth’s two-way wireless communication and data transfer we are able to offer fresh new options to users.
You are now capable of programming both your marker AND hopper with the OLED display of your marker board. We are the FIRST to offer this option wirelessly!
Bluetooth two-way wireless communication and data transfer
Use your DYE Rotor LED (more models to come) as a HUD LED and to know the status of your marker eye sensor!
Adjust the feed speed of your DYE Rotor and take advantage of our Auto Anti-Jam feature!  We have also added marker features such as 1/10th filter, delay, and ROF adjustments. Game Timer, Shot Counter, enhanced eye logic, ramp percentage, ramp reset time are some of the features you’ll notice we have enhanced.



• Class 2 Bluetooth® Module Installed for Wireless Capability

• 32K Bytes of Non Volatile Memory Microcontroller with low operating voltage: Operating at 3.3 voltage

• Compact OLED in Light Blue Color

• Magnetic Buzzer

• 80g Force Microswitch

• Three Color LED for Eye Sensor

• Dual Layer Custom Grip with See Through OLED Window. (Select Models)

• Loader and Gun Battery Monitor

• Loader Status Monitor



• Wireless Capability (NEW)

• True Two Way Communication with Loader (NEW)

• Loader Speed with Torque Control (NEW)

• Automatic Anti Jam (NEW)

• Ball Feed Count Ability (NEW)

• Ball Shot Count Ability (NEW)

• Loader Battery Level Display (NEW)

• Battery Level Display (NEW)

• Eye Malfunction Display (NEW)

• Firing Mode Display (NEW)

• Updating Software via Portable Device such as Smart Phone or Laptop….Wirelessly. (in development)

• Seven User Profiles

• Eleven Firing Modes

• Debounce Adjustment in 10th Milliseconds

• Anti Mechanical Adjustment in 10th Milliseconds

• Ramping: Required Pull #, Activation Rate, Sustain Rate, and Ramp Percentage Adjustment

• Max Rate of Fire Adjustment

• ROF Sensor Off Adjustment

• Dwell Adjustment in 10th Milliseconds

• Anti Bolt Stick

• Empty Breech Delay adjustment in 10th Milliseconds

• Eye Delay Time adjustment in 10th Milliseconds

• Auto Shutdown adjustment

• Game Time Selection

• Sound Alert On/OFF

• Adjustable Ramp RESET TIME

• OLED Brightness Control

• Board Boot Timer Adjustment

• Factory Reset

• Feed Delay

• Anti Jam Adjustment

• Software Version

Currently Available:All DYE and Proto UL Frame Series, Dangerous Power FX, Dangerous Power REVi Bluetooth Module (must use Seventh Element board), DYE Rotor Board.



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