Our NPPL Division 1 Lineup

Our NPPL Division 1 Lineup

So I just learned our schedule for the NPPL Vegas:
Game 1 - Infamous 7:00
Game 2 - Blast 7:28
Game 3 - Vendetta 8:03
Game 4 - DC ARSENAL 8:31
Game 5 - Rockstar 9:13
Game 6 - Dynasty 9:34
Game 7 - Chicago legend 10:09
Game 8 - SF EXPLICIT 10:44

Due to the lack of Semi – Pro teams playing in Las Vegas this upcoming weekend the NPPL has decided to combine Semi – Pro with the Pro’s. Once i found out the news i immediately called the HK office and informed them of on the news. The boys put me on speaker phone and the s*** talking started to pour through my phone “screw Zach Long! he just sits in the back center shooting 33 bps!” “LJ’s washed up” “Dynasty has feared this day for years!”

It’s all good clean fun and we look forward to a eventful weekend. The old boy Gio sacked up and bought us 3 rooms at the Hard Rock since his parks are up 110% from the previous years lol gotta love Gio. Anyway everyone is more then welcome to come rock with us at our hotel. The old boy Cassidy will be with us filming so stop by and get some air time. See you guys in a few days!

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