MMA Stars Visit SC Village

MMA Stars Visit SC Village

#1 UFC middle weight champion of the world Anderson Silva and #2 heavy weight champion of the world Fabricio Werdum  known as the man who beat Fedor Emelianenko  and his brother Aleksander.  Both super powers have set out to finish what started out as some friendly fire ribbing of each other about their favorite past time sport of paintball. Has turned in to some pretty serious smack talk about who is superior in the paint ball arena.
 Acting as team captains Silva and Werdum surrounded themselves with anybody and everybody who could pull a trigger or would be willing to take hit. Each team had a mixture of players filling the fight card criteria starting from the innocent who have never played the sport to occasional weekenders to pro ballers to actual Marines.
In the SC Village the town of mini Iraq was chosen for team division and the first site for the great day of battle. At the end of final division, Fabricio’s team had a count of close to thirty people and Silva’s about twelve.
Armed to the teeth, being an MMA superstar sponsored by a paint ball supply company, certainly has its perks just ask Anderson Silva. Armed with what looked like an actual assault rifle with laser sites and flash light, a paintball pistol with holster, bullet proof vest, padded forearm and leg protection Anderson Silva came to play some serious paintball. Fabricio and everybody else had about half of what Silva was packing.
The first of 4 games started out with high energy and scattered chaos. With only a handful of brave souls moving up through the center or forming left and right flanks. While a majority of the bunch stayed back, in what would soon be false safety laying down cover fire. The first round ended with Team Silva as the victor.

The second game in mini Iraq was much more adrenaline based with a touch of vengeance, now smarter, from the personal education one receives from the first time on a battle field the teams switch sides and go at it again. Hiding behind make shift bunkers and walls with scattered brush within mounds of dirt for protection this fight lasted a bit longer with much more screaming and yelling. Once again team Silva takes the flag. 

Two zip. The 2 teams regroup and enter the town of Bosnia for games 3 and 4.
With the temperatures rising into the triple digits and players on both sides feeling the pain of true battle only the hard core elite remain.

The best way to describe these next 2 battles can be done in two words “NO MERCY” a bunch of MMA fighters, ju jitsu practitioners, coaches, trainers and scattered combat elite all of them hell bent to conquer going at each other with guns. The rules of engagement were tossed and it was shoot to kill, or if you had Anderson Silva’s weapon …cut you in half. I think Silva even shot his own players!

In closing at the end of 4 brutal games of vicious paint ball the score stands with team Silva 4-0 and team Fabricio 0-4. Leaving the smack talk wide open for a never ending rematch.
A special shout out needs to go to the referee’s Ray Castro and David Diaz at SC Village for their watch full eye with outstanding organizational skills and all around love of the game keeping the game of paint ball one of the funnest things you can do on this planet. 

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