The Legacy of Aftershock

The Legacy of Aftershock

"We’re just a bunch of idiots.”  Nonetheless, these “idiots” are one of the most winning teams in paintball. has the inside scoop on what it takes to keep Aftershock shocking their opponents.

On the break at the NPPL LA Open

Greg Pozzi jokes, “Really, we’re just a bunch of idiots.” Humble words from a player on one of the top teams in paintball. These guys are all about having fun playing the sport they love. Not that they don’t love winning tournaments. In ten years of World Cup tournaments, Aftershock has 4 titles in the Professional 10-man division. Add those to the rest of their top finishes in US tournament paintball, and you’ll see why Aftershock is one of the top pro teams in paintball.

Billy Ceranski

Bad Boyz Toyz owner Renick Miller, started Aftershock in 1993. At the time, he combined teams "Scream" and the "Lords of Discipline.” The Chicago-based team proved to be a strong force from the beginning. In 1995, only their third year together, they captured their first pro 10-man title. The team has been riding high ever since. Billy Ceranski says, “It’s hard to stay on top… everybody is always chasing us.”

Aftershock credits their accomplishments to their skill and their ability to work together.

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“We’re able to stay on top by adding younger guys and combining that with our veterans,” explains Ceranski. Recent additions to Aftershock include Brian Benini (SC Ironmen) and Aaron Rosen (Jax Warriors). “Getting Brian Benini was huge for us,” says Greg Pozzi. The team has also added some young guys this year, “The young guys can only get better,” says Pozzi.   Besides staying on top, what is Aftershock’s biggest obstacle? “Ourselves,” explains Greg Pozzi, “we have so many great players… sometimes we play as individuals and not as a team.” When you have a group of really talented guys, 

Diving in LA

its no wonder it can be tough to work as a fluid team. How does Aftershock get over this problem? “We concentrate at practices...we work on plays, rather than just running around and shooting each other,” explains Pozzi. Billy Ceranski says, “We have some of the smartest players.”  With their talent and love of the game, Aftershock is poised and in position for another great year. “We’re only getting better…we have new people and everyone is getting a feel for each other,”

At the 2001 World Cup

Many think that Aftershock got its name from Shocktech, the manufacturer and the team’s main sponsor. Actually, it’s the other way around. Renick Miller came up with the name when he started the team. Shocktech was created by Aftershock out of a need for quality equipment. Aftershock player Danny Love designs most of the Shocktech gear, such as the new Shocktech SFL Cocker. The team shoots Shocktech markers, but they have the freedom to shoot any of a variety of Shocktech markers.
To help prepare for the 2002 Las Vegas Open, Aftershock is holding practices against their Amateur counterpart Team Shocktech. will be live in Las Vegas to bring you all the action-packed coverage you count on!

Check out Aftershock’s Resume! 2nd 2002 LA Open, 2nd 2001 World Cup, 1st 2001 Atlantic City, 3rd 2001 Chicago Open, 3rd place 2000 World Cup, 1st place 1999 World Cup, 1st place 1998 Pittsburgh Open, 1st place 1998 World Cup, 1st place 1997 Pittsburgh Open, 2nd place 1997 Ls Vegas Open, 4th place Atlanta Open, 2nd place 1997 World Cup, 2nd place 1996 Pittsburgh Open, 1st place 1996 World Cup, 1st place 1995 World Cup, 4th place 1994 San Diego Open, 2nd place 1994 Dallas Open

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