Drew Carey Plays Paintball at HSP

Drew Carey Plays Paintball at HSP

The DREW CAREY SHOW begins with an intricate dance sequence as the cast shouts, “Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks!!” and then DREW CAREY yells out, “Ohioooo….” A couple of weeks ago, DREW CAREY hit the grounds of Hollywood Sports Part (HSP) dancing with his cast, shaking his head left and right and shouting not Ohio, but rather, “Bellflower!!” Well, it didn’t exactly go down like that, but nevertheless, when DREW CAREY hit the grounds of HSP crew and guests were pumped up and quickly became gitty. Well, -not all, but some!


Drew Plays Paintball

Drew holds two shows on ABC Television and decided to take a time out from “The Drew Carey Show” and “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” to hit play some paintball. Drew strapped on his boots, loaded his pods and hit the fields. I couldn’t confirm if this was his first time playing, but judging by the way he played, he doesn’t seem like a newbie. Drew showed some skills on the scenario field. He dominated the “Bombed Out City.” Like many who play scenario fields, Drew was sporting beige-type camouflage to blend in with not only the field, but also the crowd. Everyone seems to be wearing beige type camouflage clothing nowadays. The fields of HSP were rocked when Drew finished.


Getting Some Pointers

HSP guests who competed against Drew and his paintball team were slammed hard. The competition really wasn’t fair though. Park owners, Dennis Bukowski and Giovanni D’Egidio gave Drew a couple of pointers at the firing range. Don’t be fooled, Drew is a rather quick guy out in the field. He was dashing from bunker to bunker, and sticking his head up once in a while to unleash his paint ammo. After the long battle finished and the dust settled, Drew and his friends returned to his personal briefing room. When he removed his goggles after fierce competition, his face was red and drenched in sweat. Drew had fun and even snapped pictures with fans of his show.


Interested in Returning

After Drew exchanged cell phone numbers with the owners of HSP, Bukowski and D’Egidiowho, they have become good friends with Drew and the rest of his buddies. Overall, Drew expressed interest in wanting to return to HSP and D’Egidio and Bukowski were able to confirm that Drew is highly interested in playing more paintball at HSP and being part of some events for the summer and beyond!


Another Step Forward

This is yet another step for the boys of HSP who are helping to bring paintball “Out of the Woods and in to Mainstream America.” HSP guests will most likely be seeing a whole lot more of Drew Carey. Besides Drew, many other celebrities, such as Donald Faison, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Arnold, Will Smith, William Shatner and Nicholas Cage have all hit the grounds of HSP for fun.


Join in on the Fun

There are also celebrities who have become regulars to the grounds of HSP. The most frequent regulars who hit the grounds are the Rap Superstar icons of ALL music that is fresh, CYPRESS HILL, also known as “STONED ASSASSINS” to the paintball community. They sometimes hang out in their private briefing rooms, but when it comes to playing paintball, they kick up dirt with everyone. Drew Carey and his dancing staff might be among the next REGULARS to shoot it up at the explosive scenario fields, you can never tell who you will be shooting while playing paintball at HSP or SC Village. For more information please contact Hollywood Sports at (562) 867-9600 or visit them on the web at www.HollywoodSports.com. For SC Village please dial (949) 489-9000 or visit them on the web at www.SCVillage.com THE DREW CAREY SHOW & WHO’S LINE IS IT ANYWAY? Can be seen on ABC Television. Please check your TV listings for times.

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