Kohn Sports To Revamp Jerseys for 2011

Kohn Sports To Revamp Jerseys for 2011

Kohn Sports, makers of quality high-end paintball clothing, has announced that they are making some top-tier changes to their paintball jerseys by incorporating even more features for 2011.
Kohn has confirmed the following for their 2011 jerseys:
A new standard in Collars
Our entire 2011 line of jerseys features the new low profile collars designed for comfort and doesn't trap heat like most ribbed collars.

Increase the bounce factor.
Full wrist to elbow & upper chest padding and our Kohn shoulders help keep you in the game
Keep your sleeves from riding up and your hands protected.
Built in glove with thumb holes includes padding on palms & back of hand

Stay dry & keep cool
We scrapped the standard materials and started over,
Entire jersey is made of microfiber wick-a-way material
Replaced standard Jersey fabric with "Pro Mesh" to provide airflow

See more at the Kohn Sports website.
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