RPL Event #5 Wrap-up Coverage

RPL Event #5 Wrap-up Coverage

The RPL held the fifth event of the year last weekend, September 18 and 19, in Fresno, CA. A last minute change moved the event from Hollister to Fresno. The tournament was held at Maximum Paintball The Field in the Fresno Regional Sports Park, an amazing sports complex that all the teams seemed really impressed by the facility and the plush natural grass playing surface.

"We have been trying to get to Maximum's field for a few years now and due to a few last minute unforeseen issues we now have the opportunity to go,” said RPL President Shawn Walker.

The two day event featured Five Player and Three Player competition in four separate Divisions: Open, AA, AAA and Intermediate. As usual, the Sacramento XSV team was on hand to ref the games. Eclipse, DGX and Frame by Frame Photos helped made up the trade show component. Thomas Taylor also had his Style Points line of gear including pants, jerseys, and his new t-shirts and hoodies on display and available for sale. Another booth had gear from Nicky Cuba’s NuSkool Paintball, Exalt, PBFashion and HK Army.

The RPL has continued to grow as a league, the Fresno event drawing more teams than their last “travel” events. But, what is very impressive is that the league has also managed to nurture a sense of community among the teams. Entire families come out to watch the games and support the players. Children are everywhere. The players who compete against each other during the day also come together in the evenings to eat, drink and play games, forming an extended family of sorts. At this event, most of the teams ended up at the same hotel and the pool area was packed until close to midnight Saturday night.

One of the big bonuses for teams at the pool that night was getting to hang out with Rich Telford, XSV team captain and RPL Ultimate Ref. Telford talked about the games earlier in the day and strategy for Sunday and upcoming events. For most Divisional teams, this one on one mentoring and advice is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

“Reffing the RPL has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in paintball,” said Telford. “The teams and the people are great. It’s a way to give back to paintball and help teams move forward. I think as professional players, we all have a responsibility to help grow the sport.”

The winners of the event were:

5 Man Open
1st - Rockstar Factory Red
2nd -
3rd - Herbies Rebellion

5 Man AA
1st - Genesis
2nd - Sucker Punch

3rd - Damage Inc.
1st - Max'd Kidz
2nd - Stormerz
3rd - Desert Bogies

1st - Herbies Rebellion
2nd - Sucker Punch
3rd - Dark Image

1st - Max'd Kidz 1
2nd - Max'd Kidz 2
3rd - 3KD

The RPL Finale will be held in Oceanside, CA at the Camp Pendleton Tournament Park on November 6 and 7. It is a No Jeopardy event, meaning teams who play won’t have their rankings affected for the 2011 RPL season. It is expected to be a big event. There will also be a trade show. For more information or to register for the final event of the season, go to www.therpl.com

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