WCPPL Event #4 Coverage

WCPPL Event #4 Coverage

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Camp Pendleton Paintball Park on September 11th and 12th hosted Event 4 of the WCPPL. Players and teams alike eagerly awaited this event after the summer break after the league announced event #3 cancellation. Suffice to say that the wait paid off well as the weekend was full of intense paintball action; great points and hard fought matches. Fuzion and Nuskool went into Finals completely undefeated and mostly unchallenged up until their matchup.

LA Hitmen and San Diego Mobís battle for 3rd and 4th place was incredibly exciting to watch with it coming down to time for the Hitmen win. Nuskoolís final match with Fuzion was something else, a definite thrill ride. Everyone would watch eagerly to see how the match would settle and an unfortunate penalty at the end helped Fuzion get the final point they needed to win 5-4. The crowd in attendance went completely nuts, chanting Nor-Cal. Other really intense matches were the Davis Ambush vs Fuzion game, Hitmen vs Nuskool, and SD Mob vs Fuzion.

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