Justin Schwarz Joins the RAZA Paintball Crew

Justin Schwarz Joins the RAZA Paintball Crew

The following message comes from the Cash Money Millionaire himself:
Hello Friends! It's your dude Todd Martinez here and I have fantastic news for everyone.

I would first like to thank those who have supported RAZA in all our efforts to grow in this paintball industry. Our focus continues to be a group that provides quality, fun, and diverse options in paintball products that have a little something for everyone.

RAZA stands for the people of our paintball community and all that we are together. Our goal is to continue to help bring people together and share in the enjoyment that is paintball. Thanks to you we now have the capabilities to support local dealers.

I would like to introduce our newest team member, Justin Schwarz, also of LA Infamous. Justin will serve as Happiness Facilitator of RAZA and all dealer applications and inquiries can be directed towards Justin@razalife.com. RAZA is also now serving as the main distributor for DERDER Productions and Contract Killer Clothing. Email, call the RAZA hotline at 619-609-RAZA, or come see us at the paintball Extravaganza to get your store hooked up.


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