One With the Gun

One With the Gun

Review By, Bryan Cardis

Splat magazine has teamed up with Joy Division's own Maximus Lundqvist to bring you One With the Gun. This dvd isn't your average run of the mill  instructional  video. Most of the so called "how to" dvds teach you what works for the people in them. One With the Gun doesn't take you through a day of some other teams practices,  It  teaches you how body mechanics, good form and physical conditioning can make you a better player.

Featuring Divisional paintball team Splat  kids, Maximus takes you a day full of technique, form, and good habit building. Max also introduces  the "Magic line" theory, and a new way to think about snap shooting, running and gunning, and breakout techniques to optimize the movements made while doing these essential things in a game. Diet and exercise as well as good warm ups are a must for any good baller, and Max touches on these subjects as well. Also included in this video are five drills "yes only five" to optimize practices time as much as possible.

After watching this video, and not falling asleep through it, I have to say it is very informative. Taken seriously, One With the Gun can change the way you play the game and practice.   

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