Full Clip tournament pants

Full Clip tournament pants


Full Clip tournament pants,
Review by Bryan Cardis,

Sonny Lopez is back on the scene with his new company Full Clip, Offering a full line of scenario gear and soon, tourney gear as well. I got a hold of a pair of their tournament pants at commanders cup this year, and I must say I am very impressed. Being in the sport for as long as Sonny and his crew have been, its no wonder these pants are as good as they are.

 Putting them on for the first time I instantly noticed how breathable they are. With mesh along the inseam and rear I have to say they are the most ventilated pants I have ever put on. There is none of that netting inside to bind up and make you slower ( ya know like the netting in swimming trunks). They also put elastic in above the knees and top of the inseam to help with tearing that a lot of other pants in the market have problems with. At first the knee pads felt like they might be too thin to make a difference so I put them to the test, after taking several shots (testing shots) 1 of 10 broke and sliding on them for a day I found them to be the perfect balance of protection and comfort. The waist band comes with build in Velcro belt and loops for a separate belt if the Velcro wares out. Draw strings located on the inside of the ankle makes sure you wont step on them and pull them out. With a heavy duty zipper and buttons covered by a thick padding to protect “the kids”. Both front pockets also have the same heavy duty zippers so you don't lose your barrel sock on the field.

 All and all these are some of the most comfortable and high quality pants I have ever had. They look and feel like a million bucks. The gold stitching and logo are a great touch on these awesome pants. One word of advice in regards to washing them, don't dry them on hot, my logos kinda started to peel from the heat. Other than that I found no down fall to wearing these and I recommend getting them as soon as you can find a pair.

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