SP-1 offers scenario players top quality

SP-1 offers scenario players top quality

With the release of the SP-1, Smart Parts has redefined tactical paintball markers. A paintgun for the serious woods, scenario or milsim player that didn't have to rely on early 1990s hammer and valve performance to operate. Now high-end electropneumatic operation has become even more versatile and affordable with the SP-1 Tactical Marker. The SP-1 is more than just a marker, it is an affordable launchpad allowing players to build their own high-performance custom tactical machine.

“It's simply amazing,” said Sean Scott. As both a Smart Parts wholesale specialist and member of the reigning national scenario challenge champions, the Smart Corps factory team, Scott is no stranger to the needs of today's woods oriented paintball player.

“It's amazing to me,” he said. “That players who prefer milsim styling have had so few marker options that really take advantage of modern paintball technology.”

The SP-1 is changing that completely. Not only is it bringing high-end performance to the woods, but it's doing it at a price new players can afford. At the core of the SP-1 Tactical Marker lays the tremendously successful Ion bolt and valve system, with maintenance that is easier than ever before. An all-new quick-strip bolt sleeve unscrews from the back of the SP-1 allowing the bolt stop and bolt to be removed. Amazingly, that is all that needs to be done for regular maintenance and cleaning.

The SP-1 bolt is controlled by Smart Parts exclusive micro solenoid valve and circuit board. It allows recoil-free, quiet and consistent shooting that is impossible for the hammer and spring powered blowback competitors to accomplish, even those with electro grips. A removable trigger guard gives SP-1 Tactical owners the option of sticking with the stock single trigger for a pure milsim look, or switching to a two finger trigger and guard for increased rates of fire.

Key to the SP-1 Tactical’s performance is the new Max-Flo R vertical regulator. Not only does this regulator provide optimal stability and flow with compressed air, but also its integrated relief valve provides the solenoid valve and internal components with complete protection from the damaging pressure spikes associated with liquid CO2.

The Max-Flo R allows the player to choose between high-end compressed air systems or low-cost CO2 tanks capable of delivering more shots per fill. Six rails on the SP-1 Tactical's top and sides allow for limitless placement of sights, night-vision scopes, grips, risers and other accessories. Its integrated tactical flashlight mount allows instant use of off-the shelf compact flashlights at a fraction of the cost of traditional lights, and it automatically aligns them perfectly with a barrel so they can even be used as a sighting system. Integrated mount points in the marker's rear also allow for the mounting of full length and telescoping stocks. All of these features don't weigh the SP-1 down though.

Its machined aluminum inner receiver is encased by a body and grip frame that are manufactured from firearms grade glass-fiber reinforced nylon, giving the marker lightweight maneuverability and with military durability. The Smart Parts SP-1 Tactical provides true low-pressure, electropneumatic operation in a package that is fully CO2 compatible and is as inexpensive as an entry-level mechanical blowback semi-auto paintgun.

The SP-1 Tactical Marker will soon be available from Smart Parts dealers everywhere. Smart Parts, Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information, visit www.SmartParts.com.

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