Beyond the Looking Glass

Beyond the Looking Glass

By Pat Brown

PB and J have put a new twist on a classic children’s story with Shattered Images: Beyond the Looking Glass. Loosely based on the classic Lewis Carroll book Alice in Wonderland, Shattered Images offers a new dark twist to the classic tale in this scenario game scheduled for January 12 and 13, 2008 at California Paintball Park in Castaic, Calif.

The game was originally scheduled for the end of October, but because of the wildfires organizers decided it was not safe to play at that time, citing poor air quality and the fact that many roads and highways had to be closed. Now with southern California returning to normal, planning can resume.

A departure from most scenario games where the storyline is a war re-enactment or something out of star wars, the plot of Shattered Images sounds like a sequel to the Carroll literary classic.

Alice and her sister May find a book and a mirror in their parent’s enormous, old house. They find that when the book is opened to page 101, the mirror becomes a portal to another world. They explore through this world until the Queen of Hearts kidnaps May. Alice and her friend the Cheshire Cat plot to eventually rescue May, but even when they return to their native world things aren’t the same.

May, who had become to the Queen’s spell, attacks their older sister Margaret and is put away in an asylum. After a few years of plotting amongst her own insanity, May – who now refers to herself as Malice – finds the portal and goes back to the other world to get revenge on the queen. She recruits the Tweedles to assist her in the coupe d’etat and together they kill the king and queen of the Diamonds and Spades. Not satisfied with mere revenge, Malice personally kills the Queen of Hearts and takes her thrown. She plans to make herself the empress of all cards. By this time Alice has come back to save her sister but ends up taking on another role: aligning with the Jack’s of the Clubs and Spades to fight her sister.

The two-day 24 hour event is $75 for both days or $45 for one day and that includes air, entry into a prize drawing at the end of the game and free camping.

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