Upcoming West Coast scenario games

Upcoming West Coast scenario games

Games on the West Coast, Wednesday through the weekend

Pump & Pistol League
Tempe, Ariz. 11/14/07

Starting Wednesday night, a 3-man pump and pistol league begins at Tempe Paintball. Each league (five team minimum) plays a full elimination round-robin style tournament each night. The league schedule lasts four weeks. The team with the best overall wins percentage at the end of the four weeks wins three full RAP 4 T-68 setups. Call Tempe Paintball at (480) 966-1900 for more details.

Bomb Squad
Phoenix, Ariz. 11/15/07

An outdoor outlaw game this Thursday, where participants will play Capture the Flag and 2-team elimination games. From Phoenix, take 101 West to Cave Creek Rd, take a right and head north on Cave Creek Rd for 3.5 miles. Take a right at Jomax and then look for orange flags just before a 35 MPH speed limit sign on your right side. Turn right at the orange flags. Badlands (RangerBall Event) Saint George, Utah 11/17/07 Rangerball may not be for everyone – games that include lots of hiking through unfriendly terrain, over many miles and can involve very little shooting. But for those that are up to it, come out to this scenario event where forces trek through the ungoverned Waziristan region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This desolate, rugged desert terrain has become a safe haven for Al-Qaida. It’s the Ranger’s responsibility to find the Al-Qaida operatives. The event will consist of two phases; the first phase will begin at daybreak and go till around 11 a.m. Players participating in the first phase need to be ready for a five-mile hike. Players not wanting to hike that much or are incapable of hiking that much should not participate. The second phase will be a three team capture the flag type game. Those wanting to participate need to contact Rangerball Regiment Commander Ajax at (435) 703-9892.

Gold Rush Pocatello, Idaho 11/17/07

Two mining companies battle it out for gold located at the top of a hill. Each team will try and capture the gold, then return to town with the gold to deposit it at the bank. The four-acre field which the game is played on has over 600 bunkers and a full urban town that players will have to fight throw to get to the bank in the middle of the city. P.A.S.S. Paintball is putting on this event and it will be officiated by Team Suppressor. Registration is $25 plus $55 for each case of paint. MVP and MVT awards will go to whomever Team Suppressor sees fit for the awards after the game. For more information contact Smiley at (406) 570-2820.

Hobos Unite Helper, Utah 11/17/07

This Saturday, join others in this woodsball event. Get there by 9 a.m. and the games should commence soon after. Call Tony at (435) 650-5566 for more details.

Axis & Allies Tacoma, Wash. 11/17/007

This Sunday Nov. 18, players from across the northwest will descend on Ft. Lewis naval base for a six-hour WWII scenario game. Check-in for the bi-annual event is 9 a.m. and the first game starts at 10 a.m. Call (253) 460-4800 for more details.

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