A new kind of beginners gun

A new kind of beginners gun

With the release of the Ion, Smart Parts proved that owning a high-performance electro pneumatic paintball marker didn't have to be limited to those players who could afford the most expensive equipment. Now the company is redefining the performance levels available to even first-time players.

The Smart Parts Vibe provides true low-pressure, electro pneumatic operation in a package that is fully CO2 compatible and is as inexpensive as an entry-level mechanical blowback semi-auto paintgun. “I have played and won some of the biggest paintball tournaments in the world, shooting the best high-end paintguns to do it,” Smart Parts President Bill Gardner, Jr. said. “But the Vibe is one of the most exciting markers I've ever seen.”

By packing high-end electro pneumatics into a marker that even a first-time paintball player can afford, our engineering and design teams are really democratizing paintball. Now even the new player or rental user can have the firepower to keep up with the experienced players. Centered around Ion bolt and valve technology, the Vibe takes advantage of Smart Parts' exclusive new micro solenoid valve and circuit board, both purpose built to deliver high-performance on a new player budget.

A simple design makes maintenance easy. Vibe maintenance and cleaning requires only unscrewing the bolt sleeve from the rear of the marker to extract its bolt stop and Ion compatible bolt. Because the valve system is comprised of the bolt itself, there is no additional hammer or valve core to remove, and no sear or springs to drop or lose when accessing them, a process that can take several minutes with competing products and can be confusing to those who are less mechanically inclined.

The Vibe is also extremely durable and lightweight. Its machined aluminum internal structure is encased in a body and grip frame made from the same glass-fiber reinforced nylon materials that are used for the corresponding parts of police handguns. While compressed air is very popular for experienced players, its cost and complexity usually keep it out of the hands of a new player, and most electro pneumatic markers have had problems with carbon dioxide until now.

The brand new Max-Flo R vertical regulator powers the Vibe. In addition to fantastic low-pressure high-flow performance on CO2 or air, the Max-Flo R features an integrated relief valve system that provides complete protection against overpressure damage caused by CO2. Protected from the stresses of liquid CO2, the low operating pressure of the Vibe allows it to keep running in situations where CO2 chilling would starve its competition.

Most importantly, the Vibe is a true electropneumatic marker. Even though the competitors in its price class rely upon early 1990s valve and hammer technology, which shakes the marker with every shot, the Vibe is fast, quiet and stable.

Over the last three years, more professional level paintball championships have been won with Smart Parts markers than all other brands put together. Smart Parts is making that same technology available to even beginning players because we believe that players should get more for their money, and we believe that equipment counts.

The Vibe will soon be available from Smart Parts dealers everywhere. Smart Parts, Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information, visit www.SmartParts.com.

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