War at Wayne's World of Paintball

War at Wayne's World of Paintball

By Pat Brown

It began over four thousand years ago when war broke out amongst the whole universe. After much bloodshed, strife and the death of the Emperor, the Empire was victorious and was able to restore order. A former force commander led a division of space Marines into a wormhole, known to have bizarre effects on everything, which inhabits it. The bizarre wormhole mutated the Marines, turning them into a berserk, freak squadron, hellbent on destroying the Empire. These mutant Marines came to be known as the Death Moles. It is up to you to fight back and save the empire.

Based on the game “Warhammer”, Wayne’s World of Paintball in Ocala, Fla. will be hosting their grand finale of 2007 scenario game starting Friday Nov. 30. The actual event starts at noon on Saturday but participants get there Friday night for pre-game festivities. Vendors setup booths and hold a makeshift tradeshow; Wayne’s World puts on mini-games where players compete for markers and everyone barbecues and has a good time. Approximately 2300 people came to the event last year and promoters are hoping to do at least that.

“We get bigger every year,” head referee Lumpus Fleming said.

The actual event starts at noon Saturday with players leaving on missions every 20 minutes. The game runs until the generals decide to call the event for the day, usually around 2 or 3 a.m. The game concludes Sunday at 2 p.m. and afterward there is a prize drawing, which takes over three hours. Fleming said at last year’s drawing they gave away over $75,000 worth of merchandise. The event is held on 70 acres. It is not subdivided into several fields and is all wooded except for 5-7 acres of open area. Registration for the event is $45 and paint cases are $75 each.

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