EOS offers quick firing and easy disassembly

EOS offers quick firing and easy disassembly

One year ago, Smart Parts, Inc., stepped up the performance on Ion class markers with the launch of the Epiphany. With a newer, smaller fire chamber and exclusive volume control inserts, the Epiphany's faster charging valve delivers rock-steady consistency at today's modern tournament rates of fire while still maintaining a mid-level marker's price tag.

The EOS goes one step further, including the ease of bolt out back disassembly for incredibly simple maintenance. For serious paintball players, walking the trigger to high rates of fire without velocity drop-off is critical, but it's not the only feature that matters. Fast maintenance and repair cycles in the staging area can mean the difference between going home with a trophy, or just going home. At this level of performance, most markers take quite a bit of work to disassemble for cleaning, says Smart Parts' Vice President Adam Gardner. Many may have a bolt that slides out fast, but getting their main valve out takes serious work and sometimes even proprietary tools. That is not so with the EOS, just one allen wrench is needed to remove the back plug, then the bolt, fire chamber and the volume control insert slides out the back. In seconds the entire valve system is available for inspection, cleaning or repair.

There are more strengths to the EOS' other than rapid firing without the negative effects of shoot-down and easy maintenance. From its lightweight high-tech alloy body and sleek grip frame to its machined aluminum interior and stock clamping feedneck, the EOS is built with the feel, style and durability to handle the rigors of professional tournament level paintball. Its integrated air system mounting rail allows for clean, tight configurations without the need for adapters. Over the last three years, more professional level paintball tournaments have been won with Smart Parts markers than all other brands put together. Smart Parts continues in that tradition of winning, with players designing and building our markers because we believe that equipment counts. The EOS is on display at the Smart Parts show trailer for the duration of the 2007 PSP Paintball World Cup, and will soon be available from Smart Parts dealers everywhere.

Smart Parts, Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information, visit www.SmartParts.com.

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