Red Dawn rising in Oklahoma

Red Dawn rising in Oklahoma

By Pat Brown

In northeast Oklahoma, just two miles shy of the Missouri border, sits over a hundred acres of scenario terrain known as D-Day Adventure Park. D-Day Adventure Park gained fame from their Oklahoma D-Day event. Oklahoma D-Day is one of the largest scenario events in the world and it’s annually held at the beginning of each June. From there D-Day Productions went on to create other games such as Black Hawk Down and the final event of this year Red Dawn, taking place Nov. 3 and 4.

Inspired by the 1984 John Milius movie, Red Dawn is set during World War III when communists invade and occupy the United States. Players in the Red Dawn event will either play the role of the Americans or communist occupiers. Players who pre-register for the event can choose which side they will be on. A full World War III story line, detailed after the film, will be followed throughout the event and players will follow different combat scenarios as well. An American fighter could either be a guerilla, defending his land against the imperialist occupiers or he could be assigned to The Wolverines, infiltrating Red Dawn territory.

Camping is free to all who participate in the event starting the night of Fri. Nov. 2. The event commences bright and early the next morning with registration and check-in starting at 7 am and player orientation and safety meeting at 9 am. The entire event will consist of five sessions over the two days, with the final session ending at 3 pm Sunday.

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