Hybrid forced to change

Hybrid forced to change

Hybrid Tech, LLC. will no longer be offering a limited lifetime warranty on their Suicide Shell kits. It has come to our attention that many dishonest people have purposely broken previously warranted parts wihtin the Suicide Shell kit for the sake of gettng  new set of Suicide Shells whenever they feel like it.. At a recent Souththern California paintball event, people were seen in the parking lot breaking their lids and or feed necks of the Suicide Shells, once this is done they knew they would be able to go to the Hybrid Tech booth and exchange them. It has also been discovered that people have posted threads in popular paintball forums instructions others on how or where to break their suicide shells in order to receive a new set.

Recently paintball has seen the birth of aftermarket feeding mouths/attachments for their hoppers. While the Suicide Shell kit can easily be made to attach one of these aftermarket ccessories by removing the pin and spring which old the lid, many players would rather break the fctory lid off instead

While we understand that not everyone falls into thse two categories, Hybrid Tech, LLC has no way of telling the difference between those that purposely damaged their Suicide Shells and those whose shells broke for legitimate reasons or during playing conditions.

This behavior has resulted in the removal of the limited lifetime warranty reviously offered by Hybrid Tech, LLC and been replaced with a fee of $15.00 w/exchange of original Suicide Shell kit. all original pieces must be present in order to be exchanged. This does mean that if you traded bottoms, tops or halves with some one to have a multicolored shell.... It is no longer original.

It is unfortunate that we at Hybrid Tech, LLC have to go to such lengths in order to prevvent dishonesty amongst a few players and customers. However we feel that this is the best way to deal with the situation.


The Good folds at Hybrid Tech, LLC.

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