Pursuit Combat Systems (PCS) US 5 Combat

Pursuit Combat Systems (PCS) US 5 Combat

Report Card Review:

By Jason Casebolt

It is report card time for the PMI Company and their new Pursuit Combat Systems (PCS) US 5 Combat Paintball Marker. How did they do? Can they hang it up on the refrigerator for mom to see or do they need to pretend that their dog ate it? Lets go ahead and take a look how this marker.

Look-Aesthetics: (B) Good use of visuals!

The US 5 has a crisp and menacing look to it. This Pursuit Combat Systems marker comes with clean lines and a quality paint job on its tank-like exterior. For those acclimated toward scenario play, it should fulfill all attempts to feel like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

Originality: (D+) Teachers do not like to see students copy from each other!

At first glance, part of the build of the US 5 paintball marker bears very strong resemblance to the Tippmann A5 Paintball Marker. Besides the overall shape, the clamshell body, rocking rod, quick strip pins, forgrip, power tube, barrel adapter, ball detent and open ended bolt/linkage arm combo are features that the A5 started out with back in 2002. Furthermore the feed tube design is reminiscent of the Tippmann Model 98.

In the features section I will list the items on this marker that were innovative enough to prevent a failing grade in this category.

Construction: (A) Put together out of high quality materials!

When you first pick up the US 5 Combat Paintball Marker, you can feel the solid construction that will allow you to join Chuck Norris on many military sequels. It has a good weight that is due to a large amount of metal internals. This weight is enough to keep the marker from swaying in rapid fire.

The internal components are craftily machined and seem like they will stand up to some of the harshest wear and tear that a D-Day scenario game could dish out.

It is evident that there was a high degree of quality control that has gone into the design of the US 5. PMI realizes the intense conditions that sandy, wet or woods like environments can have on a marker.

Features: (B) Good variety of topics!

Internal Cocking: This marker features an internal cocking system that corrects the problems of other blow-back paintball guns. This is superb for not allowing foreign debris to enter the marker and affect performance.

Rechargeable Batters and Charger: The US 5 already knows you want to click the trigger until the battery dies, which is why they have included a battery charger and batter with the marker. This makes for having a perfect day of battery life…every time.

After market accessories: Although not many items have been made specifically for the US 5, the marker is able to use some items from the A5. The similar design allows most of the A5’s bolt on options like straight and collapsible stocks.

Spyder/Piranha Threaded Barrel Adapter: One of the most popular barrel thread patterns on the market is the Spyder/Piranha style. This is a huge advantage for a two reasons. First is that almost every paintball shop or online retailer will have a wide variety of almost every barrel in this thread. The second is that there is a huge used market for these types of barrels. The availability to use these barrels will not hamper your desire to be a sniper.

Adjustable Front Grip: While this marker has an adjustable front grip (similar to the A5), the US 5 front grip is different in that it is externally adjustable via knob at the bottom. This makes setting the grip very easy and adds to the overall comfort of using this product.

Easy-Switch Electronic Grip Frame: By far my favorite and most innovative feature of this product is the grip frame. An interchangeable grip system is accessible by pushing out two quick-strip pins. The back that is labeled “mechanical” is comprised of a plastic grip with a hollow interior. This allows the user to shoot in normal non-electronic semi-automatic mode. The back labeled “electronic” is easily inserted to provide multi-mode electronic firing to the US 5. This is a self-contained sear tripping attachment.

Once the electronic grip is attached, switching firing modes is simple. There is a button on the side near the trigger that will toggle the firing modes between semi-automatic, three shot burst and full automatic. For beginning tournaments or at fields that limit firing modes, there is a tournament lock switch on the inside of the grip.

Performance: (A) (C) Great for the subject matter, acceptable for a different subject.

Intended Performance (Recreational-Scenario): (A)

This marker is intended and is perfect for the recreational market. The sturdy construction combined with multi-mode capabilities really fits into scenario-capabilities. The rate of fire with the electronic grip is fast enough to mix with most scenario markers, but not fast enough to outrun an average speed loader like the Viewloader Revolution or the Extreme Rage Overdrive.

Although there is a resemblance to the A5, a noticeable difference is that the US 5 Marker does not include Tippmann’s Cyclone Feed system. This allows the US 5 to use less air per fill as it does not have to divert airflow to power a feed system. While this may not be as desirable where air fills are convenient, long hours on a scenario standoff can be aided by the extra capacity.

Other Performance (Tournament): (C)

The US 5 is suitable for beginner local tournaments, but will not be effective at higher levels of competition. While the electronic grip offers a good rate of fire, it is still far surpassed by most competition markers. In addition, the lack of electronic eyes and recreational-rate of fire will not benefit from the added speed HALO or Evolution 2 Loaders can offer.

Support: (A) It keeps earning the grade after it is submitted.

The Pursuit Combat Systems US 5 includes one of the most comprehensive Operator Manuals that I have ever seen included with a purchased marker. Within this 26 page opus you will find easy and detailed operating and maintenance instructions with pictures for every step. PMI has even thrown in a one year defective parts guarantee for kicks and giggles.

Value: (B+) No one should have to pay for good marks!

The PCS US 5 is a good buy at less than $150 for semi-automatic and less than $200 to include the electronic grip. It is sturdy, easy to use, simple to understand and includes PMI’s support. There are many guns in the same range that are not as well built. While tournament markers are just a bit more money, most lower competition guns require more upkeep than the US 5, while their benefits for the recreational market will only be marginal.

Overall Grade: (B) Passes the test with flying colors!

Overall this is an above average paintball marker. By taking away any type of competition consideration, the overall rating easily stretches to B+. By combining an attractive look with sturdy construction, the US 5 should have no problem impressing for an extended period of time. Features like the easy-switch electronic grip frame will keep this performing in any recreational game. Happy hunting soldier, this model should really rack up the eliminations for some time to come!

* For more information on this or other Pursuit Combat System products visit www.pursuitcombatsystems.com *

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