Event Coverage; XPSL

Event Coverage; XPSL

3 June 2006

Event Coverage; XPSL

 By Kat Secor


The second XPSL Event, being held at the Santa Clara Paintball Park in San Jose, California, started off great Friday morning.  Skies seemed to be overcast as teams registered and prepared for their first games.  But by 9am the sun was out and it was HOT!  Most players thought the venue was pretty good, and now consider it a ‘home’ for the XPSL as the Santa Clara Park has been its location for the past 3 years.  Michael ‘DJ Dizzy’ Stone was running the DJ booth providing music and announcements for both the vending area and players paddocks.  Vendors such as XSV, DGX paintball, Jumbo Paintball, DerDer, Karnage, CC Paintball, Games Day Video, Bonus Balls, Game On, CP Paintball and Infinity Paintball had booths.  Infinity paintball’s new Legend paintball marker, now the lightest high end marker soon to be on the market, was also available to be tested by players or bystanders.  The vending area provided a great atmosphere and diverse activities for the players.  Also photographers Michael from Chrono300.com and Kat from Katspic.com provided event photography coverage this XPSL.

Four fields were created for this event; a Cash Money field, XSV field, Star Field, and XPSL field.  Most teams thought the fields were going to be a lot of fun to play.  There were many types of bunkers and not many open lanes therefore teams felt aggressive game plans would be the winning strategy.

            Friday kicked off the prelim games for the Amatuer and Novice divisions.  The prelim games started off on time for the Amatuer and Novice divisions.  Out of 8 teams playing; Tombstone dominated along with Mommas Boys, Nor Cal, and Tombstone Rip placing them as the top 4 teams going into the final prelim games on Saturday. 

Of the thirty three novice teams, Drama and Dynasty Entourage were predicted to be the top teams to beat.  Fridays Novice prelims ended with Wisdom in first, closely followed by Drama in second, Thunder Kids in third and Mavericks in fourth.  With only two remaining prelims, on Saturday, for both the Amatuer and Novice divisions, each of these top four teams seem to have a good chance of making into the ‘Sunday club’ and competing for first.  Some controversy was started though with Rodney Squires on Dynasty Entourage being caught with a ramping gun in their game against the Red Devils.  No penalties were assessed.

Saturday began the prelims for the Young Guns and Rookie divisions, although the day was set back twenty minutes by long ID card and registration lines.

Young Guns player Steven Peterson, who is 14 years old plays on Addicts Factory Red, had a ‘confident not cocky’ attitude going through his prelim games.  With one win, one loss, one stalemate, and three more prelim games to go, he feels confident that he and his team, who drove 13 hours from Salt Lake City, Utah, will pull it together and make their way into quarterfinals.  When I asked him if the 13 hour drive from Utah was worth it to play this event he replied, “This is the first XPSL I have ever played, but it is my favorite tournament I have ever been to by far.”

It was an all together good day.  In Young Guns, out of the 33 teams, Urban Quest Black finished in first, New Generation in second, Urban Quest Red in third, and ATR in fourth. 

“Shoot them all in the neck! That will make a grown man drop to this knees and cry like a little girl with a skinned knee”, Stinky said when telling me what his advice would be for teams making it into the quarterfinals.

There were 63 rookie teams competing.  Guns 4 Hire became one of the teams to watch as they won 6 of 8 prelims games. Guesting for the team were players Luke Daily of Ballistic and Kat Secor of LTZ’s Destiny. 

Sunday games went well.  Referees were taking a no-tolerance attitude, checking for bouncing guns, metal cleats, correct identification, only two layers of clothing, no long sleeve shirts under jerseys, that soft ears on JT masks were not cut, and most importantly keeping the games fair and running smoothly.

            In rookie division; Pitch Black won first, Vegas Heat in second, ATR in third and Splat Kids in fourth. 

Novice team The Thunder Kids played strongly in finals with Timothy Stanczak aka Raney and Ronnie Filippone of Sandiego Aftermath guesting.  Dynasty Entourage won the Novice division though they were caught with illegal guns 3 separate times, getting away with only warnings the first two times and the third time playing a man down against the Thunder Kids.  Epic came in second place, with Vengeance in third and Thunder Kids in fourth. 

The open division had some very good competition.  Team Nor Cal had retired Oakland Assassin player Kevin Jones and widely known so-cal known player ‘Gab’ assisting to their first place finish.  Tombstone also had a very good tournament coming in second place, with Tombstone RIP in third and Mommas Boys in fourth. 

  Prominent figure in the NXL reffing scene Kimo Schoddel could also be found at this event and commented “This XPSL is a lot better than last years; it has a very good atmosphere, a lot more teams, and has had a very positive response”. 

  Many diverse teams attended. Girl on Girl, an all female team that played rookie came out to beat on the boys.   Members from the team Silent Killers, an all deaf team out of Sacramento, CA, were also on the sidelines watching games and enjoying the event.  Altogether the San Jose XPSL was very successful.  Great reffing, great weather, the venue was perfect and most importantly the teams had great attitudes and had a lot of fun.  So, when’s the next one you probably want to know?  Be sure to check out www.XPSL.com for the dates of upcoming events and venues.  Whether you are playing or just coming to check out the event you will doubtlessly experience one of the best tournaments on the West Coast.

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