JT Tac5 Review

JT Tac5 Review

The JT Tac5 is a great recreational marker with a wide variety of upgrades that can transform the basic marker into something special.

Broken Down Stock

Starting with a stock Tac5 you already are several steps above the competition, with features that have otherwise not been seen in the paintball world. The most noticeable feature is that the breach/feed tube is able to be set vertical, left feed or right feed to accommodate for any accessories that you want. This is a great feature if you are using a direct force feed system like the Q-loader or AGD Warp Feed. With any application this feature provides excellent versatility.

Sight Rail

And now to take your Tac5 above the rest you have to check out the modifications that JT has available. We started with the new sight rail. The stock one works but does not have the look that we wanted. The new sight rail is basically a replica of the AR-15 sight. It is solid metal with the same sight apparatus as the original AR-15 sight.

Folding Fore Grip

Our next upgrade was the foldable fore grip. With the same look but more features this grip adds to the versatility of the marker. Folding up the grip allows for more space to squeeze the marker into and gives space for the bipod to sit.

Extended BiPod

The foldable bipod that we put on is great because it allows for a stable base to set the marker on. The bipod folds up to allow easy movement. The bipod looks great in either the up or down position.

Now it really is starting to look like a tactical rifle. We added an adjustable stock. The cocking rod is extended through the stock to allow for cocking with the stock. A simple one press button lets the stock slide back and forth to fit to any size body.

Barrel Shroud

The last upgrades that we added are the “Machine Gun” style barrel shroud and the 3pt. sling. The barrel shroud adds a look that not many markers are able to pull off. The sling is a great way to carry around your marker and it looks cool too.

All in all we have found the JT Tac5 a great marker for any tactical operation. Thank you JT for creating great products and we hope to see more soon.

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