Faceful 38 - The Blue Issue

Faceful 38 - The Blue Issue

Facefull 38

The Blue Issue


Except… that the cover’s orange. Still, you’ll be the first to read everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how Bluetooth could change your game of paintball. The possibilities are endless, and the manufacturers are taking a keen interest. Imagine, marshals remotely shutting down your gun for overshooting, fans being able to watch live feeds of your rate of fire, and teching your gun via your Bluetooth enabled phones or computers. Yes, another headache for organizers is just around the corner…

Rage from the machine

You’ll find an extensive profile on Team Rage, but we’re talking about another kind of rage. Lane Wright, the new enable boss of the PSP is full or rage, and has reasons to be, after the notorious Texas hotel chain massacre. We’ve got an in-depth interview on the future of the PSP, and the recent banning of teams for defacing property and ending the lucrative hotel deal set up by the PSP.


Battle for the top
You’ll find what players call ‘the most unique strategy feature’ ever found in a paintball magazine with our Battle Stations. There’s also a great look at how individual sponsorship is pissing off quite a few, except Hybrid and its Contract Killers. You’ll find back to back beach action from California to the south of France as the NPPL’s HB event faces off against the Millennium’s Marseille event. And then, the classic player profile, gear, tests, mystery interview, held to answer, Dynasty’s Alex Fraige and XSV’s Rich Telford, making Michael Chiklis look like a little girl. Everyday.


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Enjoy the rage.

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