Check out the new Reckless Pack

Check out the new Reckless Pack

The FistPack by Reckless Paintball

Review by Tommy Tucker


  Reckless is a fairly new paintball company bringing never before seen ideas and products to the industry.  Such as the new Fist pack.


  The first thing I noticed about the Fist Pack would be the unusual pod detachment.  You basically put your pods inside a Velcro sleeve that detaches from the pack all together.  This new design makes it a lot easier to reload quickly.  With the design you can also keep your pod lids facing up therefore eliminating the possibility of spilling a pod while on the move. You are eliminating a step to remove pod by not having to undo the strap holding in a pod, this should help make it a faster reload pack. It is way easier to load the pack with pods, I mean how many times you have had to ask for help with a strap, or have someone put a pod in where you couldn’t reach. Not no more you will need no help loading this pack.

New Reckless Pack

  The pack is capable of holding up to 4 pods, which makes it usable for most front and mid tournament player. This pack seems perfect for 3 and 4 man play but I think you would have a problem playing 7 man with it because of the need for more pods. The pack is built with neoprene therefore it fits tight and is extremely comfortable. The pack is also great for the rec and woods ball players because of the low profile of the pack. It comes in many different color combos. If you own a Q-loader this is a perfect pack for you rip pod off and put right back on. I mean a normall pod most could care less, but a q-loader pod is not just a throw away pod.  My favorite part of the pack was its comfortability.  The belt is fully adjustable so you can fit almost anyone into it. But most of all it is built with a pillow on the back of the pack that makes it very comfortable to play in.  What surprised me was that even with 4 pods in the harness it didn't shake much when I ran.

  The only problem we found with this pack is that when new the Velcro is new it is hard to pull your pod off. It will not ever fall off but you still need it to come off and in a hurry. So the maker of this pack has come out with tabs that eliminate some of the Velcro and makes it real easy to remove pod and at the same time keeping secure so it don’t fall off in use.





Pod to loader time-4

Comfort- 5
Looks- 3
Bounce Effect- 4
Profile Tightness- 5
Cost- 4 (at a retail of $45.00)

Overall- 4.3

*All ratings are 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.*

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