New Line of 06 SmartParts Barrels

New Line of 06 SmartParts Barrels

Reviewed By Dave & Moats

 Smart Parts has come out with some new barrels and redesigned others.

  All American Barrel

The Freak has some new milling done to the backs. With tips available in the Freak tip witch has straight porting and All American porting.  The all new Progressive barrel has gone to tear drop spiraled porting with a sleek design. It is a 1 piece barrel that comes in 14’ and 16’ lengths. It is stiff arbor honed with a ceramic and Teflon coating. The Linear barrel is a new addition to the Smart Parts product line. It is a lot like the Progressive with the exception of the porting, it has straight porting. Another new product is the Tactical barrel. It is available for the Impulse, A-5 and Model 98 marker threads. It comes in a 20’ length. This is the barrel if you want to reach out and touch someone. It makes for an interesting woods ball barrel.

Linear Barrel

  All of these barrels performed well at the target range. We used an Ion as our test marker with the progressive and the linear barrels. They held rather impressive groupings. The Freak system proformed as well as expected and now looks a little flashy too. Putting some broken paint in it they cleaned out quite nice after a coupple shots.


It seems with this selection of barrels there truly is a barrel for everyone out there. Smart Parts is becoming your one stop shop for barrels. Well there is a quick run down on what Smart Parts is doing with their barrel line. Full product review to come on each barrel.

Full Freak

Freak Junior

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