Smart Parts air nozzle

Smart Parts air nozzle

Smart Parts air spray nozzle

There are a few things out there that make your paintball world a better place. This is one of them.

Rod Perry, Smart Part's General Manager, shared a little bit of his design philosophy with me the other day. I'd summarize it by saying K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). The simpler something is the better the engineering. Their air nozzle is that in action.

I know some of you are out there thinking, "why the heck does he have an air sprayer as paintball equipment?" I'll tell ya, Smart Parts makes it (they are paintball) and I love it (I am into paintball). I use it on my personal gear (you can take it with you to the field), I use it on my camera equipment, I use it in my store, I use it at my field and I even use it around the office (it saves me $7 every time I clean a computer).

Smart Parts Air Sprayer

It comes with a one piece Regulator/ASA. Pressure can be adjusted from off (0 psi) through 300 psi (more than enough to blow out anything).

Things I've used mine for:
  • Cleaning paint out of my camera
  • Cleaning old paint out of my barrels ports
  • Cleaning my cleats off
  • Cleaning sand out of my keyboard
  • Defogging mirrors
  • Inside of computers
  • Trigger frames
  • Hoppers
  • Any hard to clean area
  • Blows water, dirt, mud, dust, your little sister, sand and more

    The things that make this better than other products that I have used are: It has a purpose built handle that works. It is portable. It is adjustable. It can be refilled. It saves me time. It saves me money.

    What more can I say. Call Smart Parts and get one. If you try to steal mine (and I've seen you watching it), it isn't gonna be pretty.

    ~ B

    by Burt Talcott

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