Empire Contact Gloves

Empire Contact Gloves

Review by Colin Moats

   Empire’s new 06 contact gloves are defiantly a solid addition to their 2006 line of paintball products. The 06 contact gloves have been styled to fit today’s tournament player. They have the strength and flexibility to keep up with anyone. With a sleek look they not only offer performance but they also add style.

Slits in finger joints

   The 06 Empire Contact gloves offer new features that greatly benefit players. Excellent ventilation and flexibility are among the top features. They keep a tight seal to your hand for comfort and easy moving. The new split knuckle feature offers a noticeable difference in flexibility when you grip it and rip it.

Contact palm
   Instead of having to cut off the index and middle fingers like most gloves, the new micro fiber allows for maximum movement. For diving and aggressive play the palms are reinforced with Kevlar and have a leather palm as well as having silicone to prevent your hands from slipping on your pods or your marker. For more stability the wrist was extended and given a form fitting feeling.

   The trend over the last few years has been smaller, faster, and more reliable, all this and still looking good. Styled in a streamline form they don’t bulge with excessive padding and add-ons.

   This is an excellent pair of gloves and the only changes or improvements I would look for would be more flexibility in the thumb. It seemed tight and restrictive compared to other fingers due to the leather on the palm.

   These gloves definitely were made to compete. Flexible, strong, tournament player stylish. We aren’t sending our pair back, we are gonna keep “testing” them.

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