PBC Allstar: Kenny Rosenberg

PBC Allstar: Kenny Rosenberg

PBC All Star: Kenny Rosenburg
interview by Young Choi

I first came across Kenny Rosenberg while surfing the internet some time ago. I found this file that said the usual, "this is crazy, take a look at this guy..." tip of site. There I saw this really short kid running full speed up to the "X" on the X Ball field and veering off at the last moment and made it into the snake. I was amazed and awe struck right there that moment.

Last season, I finally got to meet Kenny and this kid is really high on life. Even after a loss, Kenny would still have enough enthusiasm to talk to a stranger as long as the subject was paintball. Kenny Rosenburg is just like many of you. He sleeps, eats, drinks, and breathes paintball. At 5 feet 4 inches tall, with his height and speed, Kenny is one hard adversary to kill.

PBC: Who are you and why should we care?

Kenny in the middle
Kenny in the middle
KR: I am Kenny Rosenberg and I am a member of the Hostile Kids and San Diego Legacy. Umm you should care so you know who to lane when I come onto the field...literally.

PBC: Ok, it’s not fair to try to lane you off the brake, it’s not fair. There should be a height restriction for paintball. I take it you like to play the snake?

KR: I don't really prefer snake, I actually prefer just playing different parts of the field and always switching it up. The reason why I am always playing snake is because Steve Nabi is scared.

PBC: how old are you and what do you do besides paintball?

Running the flag back
Running the flag back
KR: I am 18 years old and currently attending classes at ITT Tech for Multimedia. My life is just basically playing paintball and messing around on the computer.

PBC: are you pretty good with a computer?

KR: Yeah I pretty much grew up with computers around me. I am more interested in Multimedia such as Graphic Design and Animation though.

PBC: for those of us that have a hard time how to find the on/off button on a computer, what does that mean? Like you can build websites?

KR: Yeah, lately I've been getting more into web design creation. When I was 14 years old I was able to attain a CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) Certification. Until now, I've just started using my abilities for business. I have just currently finished creating www.lords ofhk.com and I am currently in the process of working on the new www.InspiredClothes.com and KennyRosenberg.com

PBC: those are some really good websites, I'm sure you make some money on the side working your talent?


and gun to the next point
Run and gun to the next point
KR: yeah, I’m busy working on some projects now. I have actually had to turn some work away and have been told that they will wait for me cuz they like my style.

PBC: wasn’t there a huge buzz that you had left legacy?

KR: No Clue

PBC: so all that stuff about you leaving legacy after commanders cup all over the nation were false?

KR: Not really. I had to quit after World Cup because there was a disagreement with me playing with my friends on HK. Fortunately all of that has been resolved and now I will be back playing with Legacy for 2006.

PBC: and HK in NPPL?

KR: Yes

PBC: how did you get into paintball?

Shoot everyone and score a point
Shoot everyone and score a point
KR: I first played paintball at Age 10 at a friend's birthday. I didn't start getting serious until I was around the age of 13 and I moved near a paintball field in Temecula. I had nothing to do so I started playing every weekend and then got into the world of tournament paintball.

PBC: who got you into the tourney side?

KR: I was spotted actually by a guy named Daniel Lee while playing paintball on a random night. He liked the way I played and asked me if I wanted to try out for his team. I ended up making it and playing for my first national level team, ACI Factory.

PBC: do you remember how you guys did at your first event?

KR: My first event I ended up playing with ACI Factory was New Jersey NPPL 2003. ACI was a solid team...we would always end up blowing it on Sundays. We played 13th that event.

PBC: but obviously you liked the competition, how did you come to be on Legacy?

Practice all day
Practice all day
KR: Long story short, when there was an original HK X-Ball team - we ran out of sponsors to take us to the next event. Mike "Doc" Williams, Legacy's ex-coach, offered me and four other HK members’ spots on Legacy so we can play the rest of the tournaments.

PBC: and so it goes, do you have a memorable moment on the field?

KR: Sorry but I don't have any memorable moments yet... Soon though

PBC: oh really? A funny story?

KR: The funniest thing that’s happened to me was at Denver NPPL this year. My 18th birthday was the same date as the event and I went to the NPPL players’ party. The club that the players party was in actually had an underground GOTHIC club and we all went in and rocked out with devils, transvestites and vampires. There was a guy in a full leather suit with horns attached to his head, vampire teeth and big nails too. Devil people!

PBC: anything embarrassing that you can reveal about your teammates?

KR: Smog's back hair is 8 inches long

PBC: thanks for sharing that.... I guess....

KR: haha

PBC: so is legacy shaping up to have a better season than last?

KR: Yeah. I have really high expectations this year for Legacy and a new outlook with them. We picked up some new solid players and there have been many improvements made. We have been improving every year.

PBC: what format do you prefer more? Xball or 7 man?

KR: I prefer X-Ball. I like playing 5v5 instead of 7v7 and the games are faster paced. People take more risks in Xball and aren't afraid to gun battle, and that’s what I like.

PBC: ramp or single?

KR: mmm…ramp, one less thing for me to worry about cuz it is really hard to cheat without haveig the aide of the designer.

PBC: on the field are you a chief or an indian? are you the one to fire everyone up or is that someone else job?

KR: I've always been an indian...but lately I've been taking the Chief's role.

PBC: do you think your team looks up to you more for leadership?

KR: No, not at the moment. I think I am looked at more for support. We are always supporting eachother's own actions and decisions rather than choosing a leader to decide and act for us.

PBC: what does it mean for you to be a pro player? are you paid to play? what benefits are there to play at the pro level?

KR: For me, being a pro player just means competing at the highest level of competition. No, I don't get paid to play but I have all my stuff paid for and there’s lots of perk with being Pro. The benefits you get for playing at the Pro level is being able to play against the best and if you are a stunner... skies the limit. Look at Oliver.

PBC: yeah how do you feel about that? do you think that the industry may have opened a Pandora’s box signing ONE player for that much money? do you see other notable players holding out for money now?

KR: I feel that money being paid to the players has created a new breed of paintball player. There's the player that wants to have fun, the player that wants to compete, and now the player that wants to make money. However I feel that this isn't going to be the breakthrough of players getting paid. The industry is flat, which is why sponsorships have been cut. Companies aren't able to afford individually paying players out of their pockets without money to back it up. There are so many of us out there in that Pro circuit with nothing but Paintball as the hugest priority in life. This only proves that dreams can come true. someone give me a salary!

PBC: ok, thanks for your time Kenny.

KR: No problem, oh yeah, everyone support Legacy in Texas and HK in Huntington Beach.

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