Official release form Dynasty

Official release form Dynasty

This is a release from Dynasty Paintball Club, LLC. regarding the current situation with Oiver Lang leaving the organization.

As most people already know, Oliver Lang has left Dynasty to play for the Ironmen and work for DYE.

As of the past weekend, Oliver Lang no longer plays, nor is involved in any part of Dynasty Paintball Club, LLC. Acting on his own, without consulting any of the members of Dynasty, Oliver made a decision to join DYE and his original pro team, Ironmen.

Of course we were all in shock about Oliver's decision, mainly because we have all been so close for several years and we were not given any prior notice, or the chance to negotiate with Oliver. Although some people may have hard feelings, both on our side, as well as fans, Dynasty wishes Oliver the best of luck with his decision, and in his future. Oliver is an amazing player, and his energy and emotional strength will be missed on the field, but Dynasty will continue to be on the forefront of paintball, and we promise all of our fans and our sponsors that we will keep our heads up and give everything we have to continue as the number 1 ranked team in the world.

Thank you to everyone who understands and supports us.

Dynasty Paintball Club, LLC.

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