It is official, Lang an Ironman

It is official, Lang an Ironman

It is official, Dye's press release on the signing of Oliver Lang.

DYE Precision Inc. today announced the signing of professional paintball player Oliver Lang to a multi-year endorsement agreement.

Terms of the agreement call for Lang, the number one ranked player in the world and tournament-winning Champion to use DYE paintball products exclusively and consult in future product development.

"I have always appreciated DYE's paintball products for their quality, innovation and cutting edge design. I am happy to be associated with such a company, it's products, and it's people. I am excited that they approached me with this opportunity to showcase and endorse their playing gear and have future product development input.

Oliver Lang goes back<br> to his first Pro team
Oliver Lang goes back
to his first Pro team
I am also looking forward to playing with the Ironmen, winning tournaments and wearing the Shield again. The Ironmen was the first professional team that I ever played for and I am looking forward to being with the organization again,"
said Lang.

"Oliver's youthfulness, style and aggressive play align perfectly with our cutting edge design and unconventional thinking, making him an excellent representative for the DYE brand. We also believe that he has an excellent professional image and represents the best that the sport of paintball has to offer. We are also excited that Oliver has chosen to take a playing position with the Los Angeles Ironmen, our DYE factory flagship team. Additionally, we are hopeful that this endorsement agreement will play a part in continued endorsement arrangements with other professional players adding more legitimacy to our great sport," said Dave Youngblood, CEO of DYE Precision.

Lang will also continue to perform "Oliver Lang" instructional playing clinics around the world, attend tournament autograph signing sessions, respond to fan mail through the Oliver Lang website and continue to promote paintball wherever he can.

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