Tribute to fallen Baller and US Marine

Tribute to fallen Baller and US Marine

In Honor of Daniel Swaim
Team Landslide

Lance Cpl. Daniel Freeman Swaim of the U.S.M.C was what many would call just a “good ole’ country boy”. On November 10, 2005 he was killed by an IED (improvised explosive device) while taking part in operation Iron Curtain outside of Husayba, Iraq near the Syrian border. He was a few months into his first tour in Iraq.

Semper Fi, LCpl Swaim
*(The following is an excerpt from the Winston Salem Journal)* Swaim's parents, Michael and Rebecca Swaim, learned of their son's death Thursday night. On Friday, they described him as a smart, driven man who believed in his mission. Swaim joined the Marine Corps last summer after graduating from Forbush High School with high honors. He began his first tour of duty in Iraq in August. "He was always into things like survival skills," Rebecca Swaim said of her only child. "He always wanted to be a Marine. He just thought they were always the first in the fight. And that's true, they were. He always wanted to be productive and believed that fighting in Iraq was the most productive thing he could do," she said. "I feel he was very satisfied with what he was doing once he got to Iraq," said his mother, who described him as her best friend. The two of them did many things together, she said, including going to movies, going shopping and eating out. Charles Cregger, Swaim's godfather, said Swaim could have avoided combat, but chose not to. "He was one of the best this country had to offer," Cregger said.

For Cregger, who comes from a family of Marines, Swaim's death has a special significance because of its timing. Thursday _ the day that Swaim died _ marked the 230th anniversary of the creation of the Marine Corps. And Friday was Veterans Day.

Daniel was a wingman for team LANDSLIDE. Daniel traveled with the team for a year before he got to play, just to be part of the team and the whole tournament experience. Many of you may not remember Daniel because he was a very quiet man, but many of you played against Daniel for almost three years. Over the years, his teammates watched him grow and develop as a person and a paintballer. He, as do many teammates and friends, came to be like a brother to us. All he wanted to talk about was getting back to us and playing next year in the CFOA. Sadly, Daniel will never again physically play the sport he loved so much, but each time his teammates step onto the field, a piece of Daniel will be with us. Daniel’s smart remarks and good humor will be missed on and off the field. For those of us who knew him, he will always be in our thoughts.

Please remember Daniel’s parents and family, as well as all of the other lives we have lost to this war, in your thoughts and prayers.

We love you Daniel.

Team Landslide
Team Asylum
Everyone at Dickens Farm Paintball

I know that the news on this is a few months old. I just recently learned of this while visiting CFOA's website. Being a fellow Marine, I have a spot reserved within me for our brave fellow citizens that serve in the Armed Forces. I try to remind myself to not take the liberties that we enjoy for granted.

To the parents, family, and loved ones that have lost their loved ones serving our country. There is no amount of sympathy that could match your sorrows. I do hope, that you all realize that your loved one made the ultimate sacrifice with the deepest appreciation of this nation.

Daniel Swaim, I have never met you. But we both shared the same ritual where upon we earned the right to wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. For that, you as a Marine and a Baller, you are my brother. Thank you for your sacrifice, God bless, and Semper Fidelis Devil Dog. - Young Choi, Editor

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