Proto Matrix 6 in the spotlight

Proto Matrix 6 in the spotlight

Proto making a statement with the Proto Matrix 6
review by Macky McCalla

I was finally able to get my hands on the new 06 Proto Matrix. It took some sweet talking and thanks to Kitsap Sports (, I was finally able to procure one and put it through its paces. But before I go through the new features and performance, let's talk about first impressions right out of the box.

Stylish curves, smooth milling
Stylish curves, smooth milling
Right out the box it was beautiful! There are many different color schemes available, but this one is done in a deep dust olive. The styling is very different from its predecessor, but updated and designed for the incorporation of welcome additions, while still maintaining that sleek Proto look. The first thing that grabs your eye after the dust olive anno is the body itself. It is not only slightly shorter in length and height (compared with the ’05 Proto Matrix) it provides for a very light and compact design. Proto made sure that this compact design didn’t go unnoticed with very striking and aggressive milling. The whole package is very pleasing to the eye and will definitely be a head turner out there on the fields.

A list of the welcome additions put into the Proto Matrix 6:

• All new body that is absolutely stunning (ASA is no longer a separate piece)
• New grip frame contour matched to the frame
• Clamping feedneck (definite plus)
• New solenoid and its beefy, definitely up for the task of the rigors of paintball
• New bolt design, Proto has included the Low Pressure back cap
• Higher flow LPR
• Proto 2 piece barrel and very nicely done too
• New on/off ASA, self-purging that is easy to operate
• Break beam anti-chop eyes
• Something I liked, it included every Allen wrench you would need to perform maintenance on the gun
• Built in snatch grip on rear of trigger frame
• Dual ball detents

LP back cap<br> and snatch grip
LP back cap
and snatch grip
All this combined in a 2lb 3oz. Package. The Proto could easily be used by the biggest or smallest of players. Proto has done an outstanding job and definitely has made its presence known with the ‘06 Proto Matrix. The real question remains can it stand up to its hype?

“Unequaled quality, meticulous engineering and impeccable design are just a few of the reasons why Proto is the first name in paintball. The new Matrix 6 features jaw dropping body style, a new balanced on/off bottom line, adjustable clamp neck, a new lower pressure bolt kit, new and improved LPR, metal logo inserts and a two piece barrel system. With all of that we still managed to shave 1/3" off the height and 4oz. off the weight of the marker. We built the Matrix 6 with one idea in mind: to help put you at the top of the podium”~

Let’s take it to the field and find out. As soon as I arrived at the local field I slap a 68/4500 Dye Throttle tank on and my trusty Boost Halo. I was walking up to fill my tank and wouldn’t you know five fellow ballers come up and asked, “Hey is that the new ‘06 Proto?”

I had to contain my grin a little bit; sometimes it feels good to be the one with the hot new product to show off. After passing the Proto around, I finally filled my tank and headed to the chronograph.

Anti-chop eyes
Anti-chop eyes
Man straight out of the box I chronographed at 285 +/- 4 fps. This is great, no worries about having to setup up the Proto, time to head to the field. The marker was ripping on stock settings out of the box and my slow fingers were still making it rip. I even passed it to a few other people at the field to use and they had nothing but positive comments about the overall feel of it too. Shooting semi with the stock board is no problem, but what about other tournaments that allow different modes of fire? How would the Proto Matrix 6 hold up?

E-heart of it all
E-heart of it all
With the removal of five screws and three wire connectors, I replaced the stock board with a Musashi 5 Proto board from Tadao Technologies ( I quickly set it to uncapped full-auto to see if the Proto Matrix 6 can perform at even the highest level of abuse at full throttle. Wow, it ripped through a hopper in no time without missing a beat. Truly it is made for speed and can handle the high demands of tournament play. At full-auto the Proto Matrix 6 shot as fast as the Boost Halo could feed it (in the 19 to 21 balls per second range).

Accuracy was just plain ridiculous. At 40 yards (120 feet) all the groupings were pie pan sized tight. At full-auto the groupings shrank to fist size. At 15 yards (45 feet) the Proto Matrix 6 was ball on ball deadly accurate. The sound signature was also reduced from its predecessor; I would assume this is attributed to the new bolt. With a lower dwell there was no noticeable kick as the gun would cycle. With the aide of the anti-chop eyes, even at full-auto, the gun would not chop a ball.

I didn’t sit down to see what it’s gas efficiency was, but in one game I went through six pods and a hopper and still had air left to spare for a seventh pod. How much of it the gun would have shot is something I should follow up with later. Unfortunately, in my joy of getting to play with this new gun, I overlooked to check the gas efficiency. But 1100 plus shots off of a 68/4500 seems pretty good in my book since there is no need for 10 man back players going on the field with a case of paint on their butts.

My overall conclusions: Well it hasn’t put me on the podium yet, but it sure kept me out of the dead box. The Proto Matrix 6 is a gorgeous marker that takes everything about the 05 and kicks it up a notch. With an MSRP of $950 it definitely has the bang for buck appeal. I give this marker a big “Thumbs Up” as another great addition to the Matrix line of markers.

Weight- 5
Anodizing- 4
Balance- 4
Speed- 5
Style- 4
Maintenance- 5
Barrel- 4
Trigger- 4 (adjustable)
Operation Type- Spool valve electronic
Barrel Thread- Autococker

Stock Features:

on/off ASA
Clamping feedneck
2 Piece Proto barrel
Anti-Chop eyes
Built in low pressure regulator
Throttle Regulator

*All ratings are 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.*

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