Proto Axis mask on review

Proto Axis mask on review

Product review: Proto Axis Mask
review by Daniel Tyler

Proto Axis Mask
The new mask in the Proto Switch line is the Axis mask. At first glance, the Axis has a tighter profile compared to the Proto Switch FS. The extra rubber in the cheek area of the Switch FS has been done away with. I think Proto was influenced by all the players that were cutting the extra material off of their Switch FS masks. The Proto Axis mask does have a “Star Wars”esque look to it. I personally put it in the “cool” category while others have been a little critical on the looks.

Easily detachable anchors
Easily detachable anchors
The Axis still maintains the quick “Switch” feature that makes lens changing a simplistic task. Just turn the goggle strap anchors 1/8th of a turn on each side of the Axis and remove the goggle strap. You are now able to remove the outer frame and the lens. It shouldn’t take anyone more than a minute to remove, clean, and replace the lens. The thermal lens is the same as all the other lenses in the current Proto Switch lineup. The goggle frame is very sturdy and the “Switch Lock” system does a great job of keeping the lens securely in place.

The two-layered foam is the same as the Proto FS mask, it is very comfortable and sweat absorbing. I like that there is a break of the foam around the temples region that does not hinder players that wear glasses.

Break in foam for glasses
Break in foam for glasses
The ear and mouth protection is all one piece and molded with a soft rubber-like material. The face mask is soft enough to cause some balls to be deflected without breaking. All the lines come together to ensure that nothing is sticking out that absolutely does not have to help you stay in the game. Nothing (aside from the visor) hangs out to take a ball impact needlessly. As I’ve stated before, the profile is very tight and I think that is really important to the players today due to the “non altered mask” rule that many of the major events are enforcing.

Easy to disassembled
Easy to disassembled
The rubber grill in front of the mouth will focus your voice to anyone in front of you. This was well thought out as some manufacturers for the tourney player have forgotten about the fact that you need to be able to talk to your teammates. This mask gets my vote for the mask to have for all the coaches in the X Ball pits.

Proto Axis on Aftermath
Proto Axis on Aftermath
For the hard core tourney player, the Proto Axis mask is definitely one to seriously look at. Thermal non-fogging lenses, quick lens replacement, soft absorbent foam, and the super tight profile make the Proto Axis receive high marks in my book.

Ratings for the new Proto Axis mask

Comfort- 5
Visibility- 5
Peripheral Vision- 5
Lens Change- 5
Looks- 5
Bounce Effect- 4
Voice Projection- 5
Profile Tightness- 5 Color Availability- Red, Blue, Yellow, and Grey

*All ratings are 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.*

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