Critical Raze trigger review

Critical Raze trigger review

Critical Raze Trigger for DM5/C review
review by Young Choi

It’s not everyday where a simple product comes out that will impress me. Recently I had a trigger from Critical Paintball come across my desk for a DM5/C. I noticed that the trigger is the new “S” shaped wavy trigger that seems to be prominent on a lot of Intimidators and Freestyles.

I have seen these new shaped triggers on the guns of the Oakland Assassins and Portland Naughty Dogs. I guess you can call me ignorant for not looking into it further sooner, so shame on me.

The Critical Raze Trigger has many fine tuning options. There is a set screw for the trigger pull travel, trigger release post travel, micro-switch actuation point, and reverse polarity magnet for the trigger tension. Every cut exposed to the finger is curved and radiused.

The Critical trigger has all the adjustability one would want when it comes to setting the pull and release of the trigger. The pull and post travel screws are all there so you can set your trigger to where it just needs to be nudged to make the gun go off or as long as you would like. You can also set the Critical trigger to hit the micro-switch at the beginning of the pull, or at the end of the pull, and of course any where in between. The micro-switch activation screw further helped with a custom trigger feel. For me, the adjustable reversed polarity magnetic trigger and the shape of the Critical trigger won me over.

I’m not a fan of magnetic triggers. The feel on them has always been a little too “snappy” for my tastes. I prefer a smooth trigger pull and release. In the past I have clipped and stretched springs to get that exact feel that is to my liking. At times I have spent mindless hours trying to adjust the feel of the trigger to the way I like it. Call me anal, in my opinion, the most important interface with your gun is the trigger.

The Critical trigger uses a reversed polarity where the magnets repel each other rather than come together. This coupled with the adjustable magnet made life very easy for me. The squeeze of the trigger can have the slick silk feeling or that King Kong gorilla vice feel. Obviously, I preferred the close, slick silk feel when I set up the trigger.

The Critical trigger kit comes with a magnet and a small tube of Super Glue. During installation, you have to pay attention to which end you have facing the magnet on the trigger. You have to glue the magnet so it repels the magnet in the trigger. Do it the wrong way and the trigger will be pulled back all the time and your DM gun will more than likely freak out and protest. Simply remove the stock trigger spring and store it somewhere (like the garbage can cuz you have no need for it anymore). I just held the trigger frame up and installed the magnet and added a drop of glue. Seeing as how the magnets will repel each other, I would highly doubt that you will lose the frame magnet due to it being pinned against the spring housing.

No more hammering
The Critical Pro-pin is a life saver cuz after you pound out the stock trigger pin you can replace with this little nifty feature. The Critical Pro-pin goes in and a screw locks it in place. For thorough cleanings, it is just a matter of unscrewing the pin and pulling it out of the frame to remove the Critical trigger. After installing the trigger and separating my thumb and index finger (due to the Super Glue, c’mon who can resist doing the stupid stuff with Super Glue?) doing all the adjustments was very easy. In no time at all I had the Critical trigger adjusted to perfection (well at least for me). The pull was set almost against the micro-switch and the release was closely right after the micro-switch would click over to make the DM5 fire. The trigger pull was three sheets of paper thick! I found that when the pull was sitting right on the line of the gun firing and not firing that the gun would go basically full-auto when the trigger was walked. Of course this is dangerous and I set the trigger to how I had it before. Total time, less than half an hour to install and adjust the trigger.

Even at the short trigger pull that I set the Critical trigger at, I could not get it to bounce no matter if I slow pulled it or whipped the trigger. This was a bonus for me cuz I always seem to get my gun pulled at events for ramp and bouncy triggers. Now back to why I was so impressed with this trigger, for some reason I can just rip off fast strings with the Critical trigger. I can normally do about 10 to 12 balls per second without the aide of bounce or ramp. With the ergonomic trigger shape, dual ball bearing pivot point, and the reversed polarity magnets I was able to sustain in the 14 to 16 balls per second. Our in house trigger-guy-with-too-much-caffeine, Alan Nagata, was easily able to go the 17 to 19 balls per second range. The increase in balls per second with no bounce! $55 for the trigger that Critical Paintball offers may be a blow to the wallet, but if speed, comfort, and adjustability are a concern for you the Critical Raze Trigger for your DM5/C is something to definitely look into.

Check out a video clip here.

Feel- 5
Construction- 5
Anodizing- 5
Adjustability- 5
Spring/Magnetic- Reversed Polarity Magnetic
Cost- $55

*All ratings are 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.*

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