Hot news from Redz

Hot news from Redz

Redz International signs on one of the best teams in the world.

JC Whittington, Captain of Arsenal<br>holding the eNVy pack high
JC Whittington, Captain of Arsenal
holding the eNVy pack high
Yesterday (December, 16th) DC Arsenal has signed on to be Redz International flag-ship team. JC Whittington, Tom Fore, Arthur Helmik, and Carmen "the Angry" Borgia all inked the contract yesterday. For the 06 season, JC and the rest of Arsenal will don all the Redz eNVy gear and will be rocking it on the field with Redz Pepperstickz and Redz Cam-Lock feednecks.

DC Arsenal finished sixth overall in the NPPL Super 18 Professional bracket this year. Arsenal owners, Tom Fore and Art Helmik, are very happy with this new relationship with a hard working company such as Redz International. Vice President of Redz International, Carmen "the Angry" Borgia, was very enthusiastic upon signing Arsenal on to represent Redz International.

Redz VP Carmen Borgia<br> and
Arsenal Captain JC Whittington<br>
seal the deal
Redz VP Carmen Borgia
and Arsenal Captain JC Whittington
seal the deal
Carmen "the Angry" Borgia had this to say about the deal, “I can’t be any happier signing a powerhouse team from the east coast like Arsenal. JC Whittington and the rest of Arsenal have the same values and outlook of paintball that I had as a player. This signing with Arsenal shows our commitment to tournament paintball.”

With veteran JC Whittington at the helm, anything is possible for Arsenal for the 06 season. JC also will be working closely with Redz International. JC will be an employee on the Redz payroll and will be a great addition to an already smart, strong, and determined work crew. This signing opens a new era for Redz International and Arsenal. Carmen's motto, "Never forget, you are only as good as your team and the people you surround yourself with." In this case Arsenal, teamed with Redz International, makes a great crew. Arsenal will be a great source of feedback for the new Redz products still in its design phase.

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