New Kingman markers

New Kingman markers

Kingman Group, producer of the legendary Spyder product line, is pleased to announce the release of two brand new markers, the MR1 and MR2. The new MR Series of military style paintball markers will irreversibly change the face of scenario paintball at every level. Both of the MR Series markers are designed to withstand the harshest of scenario conditions ever to be faced by seasoned veterans, yet the mechanics are so simple that the greenest of greenhorns can easily operate each marker with devastating efficiency.

You’ll want to remember these names…

MR1 - Semi-Auto Military Style Paintball Marker - $139.95 MSRP

The MR1 will take a beating and keep on firing! The slide out pull pin, field strippable bolt, and full-length removable stock make the MR1 an easily operated and highly accurate scenario marker with military resilience and stability. This semi-auto marker won’t rust even when you’re trekking through the wettest terrain, and you can play hard knowing you have a marker that will withstand anything you throw its way!

It's your game - Play Hard!

MR2 - Electronic Military Style Paintball Marker - $249.95 MSRP

Built with the hard-core, tireless, ultimately effective scenario player in mind, this perfectly balanced marker is made to fit comfortably in your grip while spitting out a lethal barrage of paint at any opponent foolish enough to stand in your way! The MR2 comes standard with an anti-chop bolt, removable stock, rechargeable battery, and a full range of firing modes including semi-auto, burst, and full-auto, thus enabling you to customize your play.

Use caution when purchasing these products… you may suddenly find yourself promoted to the rank of “Enemy Number One” on your opponents’ hit list!

Both the MR1 and MR2 will be available for public purchase by this Christmas! For more information on these and other Spyder products, visit or contact your local Spyder dealer.

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