More PSP news on 5 man and YGs

More PSP news on 5 man and YGs

5-man and Young Guns
Following our newly announced changes to the Xball formats, we are proud to announce the new improvements to the 5-man and Young Guns formats.

5-man Xball – This format will continue to follow the basic 5-man rules including but not limited to 5-man scoring, penalties, roster limits, etc.

In an effort to bring some of the more exciting elements of Xball to the 5-man format we have made the following changes for the 2006 Season:

Crowd participation will now be allowed in order to bring more enthusiasm and excitement to the sidelines in the vein of other sports.

A new scheduling system will be implemented which will guarantee each team 8 games with the possibility of more in the prelims. Teams will be grouped in sets of five. They will play the other teams in their group in a round-robin format in a best two out of three series to determine who will advance to the next round.

5-man Xball will only be open to Division 2 and Division 3 teams. The entry fee will be $1000 for Division 2 teams and $800 for Division 3 teams.

Young Guns – We were thrilled with the turnout for this division following its introduction last year and expect even better things for the 2006 Season.

This division will be played under the traditional 5-man rules with the addition that crowd participation will be allowed. Friends and family can now root aloud for their favorite up-and-coming players.

Each team can have a roster of up to 8 people which will include both staff and players.

In order to be eligible for this division, players must be 15 years of age or younger as of the day of the play. They cannot have played in a PSP event before and will only be eligible to play in one Young Guns event prior to being bumped up to D3 status. They will be allowed to compete in the 2006 Championship.

The entry fee is $500 and the division will be capped at 24 teams per event.

The Young Guns division will be held on Sunday at the 1st-5th events of the 2006 season. The top four finishing teams at each event will win a free entry fee to the World Cup where we will hold the Young Guns Championship for the season between those 20 teams. Players will be allowed to play the Young Guns Championship if they were on the original team rosters that qualified and have since turned 16.

The fully updated rules for the 2006 Season will soon be available on our website at These rules will address issues from the 2005 Rulebook as well as contain updated rules regarding the changes to these formats.

We are very excited about these new improvements and are looking forward to a great 2006 season.

Keely Watson
Paintball Sports Promotions

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