NWPS kicks off the 06 season early

NWPS kicks off the 06 season early

O6 NWPS season finally kicks off, though its a month early
article by Young Choi

The 06 Northwest Paintball Series (NWPS) kicked off a month early in Elma, Washington. The NWPS has come around to do it again. This is the second year in a row that the NWPS has started a month early due to players' demands. The weather in Washington State this time of year is rainy, snowy, and down right cold.

Once again, the NWPS started it's season at the TPS Paintball in Elma, Washington. The event was held on three air ball fields with netting in between the fields so that the poor freezing parents and friends could watch the action. As luck would have it, the weather was clear with temperatures just above freezing but none of the rain that Washington state is known for.

NWPS Promoter, Jeff Daniels, hired the services of Washington state team Notorius and Oregon state team Nurv to handle the reffing duties. All in all it seemed as though they did a great job of marshalling this event while freezing, though I'm sure there are some of you out there that may disagree.

Cold weather and all, many of the teams seemed glad to be competing again as many were smiling and joking with each other before the event started. Wise cracks about the temperature seemed to be the topic of the morning.

PMI supplied their Polar Ice and Evil paint for this event. As you can imagine, many of the teams opted for the Polar Ice due to it's cold resistant use properties. Many of the experienced teams stored their paint in heated running cars and seemed to have little problem shooting the paint while those that left their paint out to the cold temperature were granted sub-par performance. Lesson here, if it is cold store your paint in a warm place. It was very obvious to see on the field which of the teams took care of their paint cuz the ones that didn't were constantly squeegeeing through out the day.

With some hard fought games, the day went fairly smoothly without much trouble. After a long, cold day playing paintball in December here are the standings.


1st CDRSports.com
2nd CDR
3rd Unspoken
4th Torment


1st DBS
2nd CDR (Rookie)
3rd Stiffi
4th N'Control

Young Guns

1st PBRack.com
2nd Militia
3rd Kaos Theory
4th Reign Kids

Why anyone would want to play a paintball tournament in frigid cold weather is beyond me, personally I'd prefer to spend the day in a nice heated room watching college football. This event, and the demand for it, is a testament to the paintball players' commitment to tournament paintball in the northwest region of the United States. For more information on the NWPS visit www.nwpaintballseries.com

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