A look at the Redz Pepperstick barrel

A look at the Redz Pepperstick barrel

Redz Pepper Stick Barrel Review
review by Jason Casebolt

SPICY. . . or is it? The neoprene obsessed monkeys from the east coast have a recipe stirring up. Add one part opponents and two parts of a barrel and let’s find out if you can taste victory.

If you have been in a coma or just lost in the woods, you may have not noticed that almost every company out there has a barrel. Back in the day, there were only a handful to choose from, now they come in all shapes and sizes. I am here to sort out where the Redz Pepperstick barrel fits in this crazy category and if it is worth a look.


Redz Pepper on the tip
Redz Pepper on the tip
The lines of the barrel are smooth and attractive. For a while, it seemed like some barrels coming out had some hideous bulges. I remember barrels from OTP and Titanium Paintball that were not sleek and attractive. Even the great shooting Excel barrel was an ugly step child. Fortunately, the Pepperstick barrel has a smooth transition between both barrel halves that is solid and attractive.

Quality and Construction:

Redz Pepperstick barrels
Redz Pepperstick barrels
I am not easily impressed anymore. However, I was impressed by the solid construction of this product. The cut lines of the barrel were smooth and well formed. I did not notice any rough spots or poor machining marks that I have found in most other barrels.

Looking down the center of the barrel I noticed two things. The first was an excellent finish on the inside. Very smooth and shiny. They have taken their time in the honing process to make a mirror finish.

The second thing I noticed was an even and distinguished ring. This is where the two parts of the barrel converge. If you look down the barrel and only see one side of the ring, then the alignment of the barrel is off and could drastically interfere with your accuracy. The center ring looked even and seemed as both halves have lined up perfectly.

The back of the barrel is 8 inches long. They (Redz) claim that this is for increased air efficiency. This makes sense since most of the high end guns accelerate a paintball till it gets to the barrel porting. Longer solid piece would equal more acceleration with less air due to a longer paintball to barrel bore seal thus utilizing the least volume of air per shot.

The tips vary in length. The front tips of the barrel have straight lines with porting and the “Pepper” logo at the end.


Redz, it's in the name
Redz, it's in the name
I played with the Redz Pepperstick barrel last weekend at my local field. I used a 14 inch barrel for an Ion. The bore size was a medium .689 bore. I used a Smart Parts Max Flow Air System with PMI Premium Paintballs for the day.

In all honesty, these were not perfect conditions for a test. The weather was rainy, mucky and down right nasty outside. This made for some varied results. However, the playing environment will not always be optimal, so this may have been a good day to test this barrel for a good review after all.

In the beginning of the day, there was more moisture around. The drizzly rain had penetrated the porting and interfered with accuracy. Playing in the rain, the barrel remained somewhat accurate. The balls curved with wide groupings, but remained flying toward their intended targets.

As we began the afternoon session of play, the weather had stopped slobbering on us and I was finally able to use a dry barrel. The path of the balls was straight. Shooting end to end of the field was not a problem. A few times I was shooting next to the edge of bunkers attempting to eliminate an opponent as they popped out. At about 30 feet away, the barrel was extremely effective at ball on ball delivery next to the edge without directly hitting the bunker or zinging a random ball off to the other side. I got many eliminations this way during the course of the day. The Redz Pepperstick had very good shoot thru properties. After breaking a ball (I blame the cold and wet weather for this) the Pepperstick shot relatively straight again after a quick burst of about 10 to 15 balls.

I do have one minor recommendation to the Pepperstick and that is to place an old bottle oring on the back of the barrel. As with a lot of other barrels, the Pepperstick kept vibrating loose. This was very annoying. After putting the oring on the back of the barrel threads, this problem was corrected.


The Redz Pepperstick barrel is a great barrel. In the $50 and under market the Pepper stick is a great choice, it offers two piece flexibility while still retaining quality construction.

The two piece construction, thick anodizing and mirror finish are qualities that have made Dye and Smart Parts barrels the leaders of the barrel market. Retaining these elements with a lower price tag make the Redz Pepperstick a great value for the price to performance ratio. Aesthetics and all, the Redz Pepperstick will be a great addition to your marker.

Shoot Thru Properties- 4
Construction- 5
Anodizing- 5
Honing- 5
Fit with Marker- 5
Accuracy- 5
Looks- 4
Cost- MSRP $50
Available in- Ion, Nerve, Impulse, Autococker, Spyder, Tippmann 98, Shocker, and Angel threads

*All ratings are 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.*

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